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    TalkAction Stats System by DevilMoon

    i think /info XXX do it ;P
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    Action PK Trophy

    believe, he scripts better than me !! AHHHAAHAHAHAHHAHA !
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    player_deaths SQL error in console !

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    Paxton Account Manager

    My servers have the 1/1 account, caus account manager players use it.. but i wan to BLOCK the login with this account in website :S no one?!
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    player_deaths SQL error in console !

    i tried id ! same thing happens...
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    Action Mock Train system V 1.0

    Tem um parecido aqui, eh melhor ? pior ? mesma coisa? Mock, aqueles seus "training" ali .. eles healam o player? Me da o .xml ai *-* !!! -Cara, namoral, seus scripts sao MUITOOOOOO complexos O_O Não sei como tu consegue scriptar isso o_O-
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    player_deaths SQL error in console !

    [24/07/2010 13:40:22] mysql_real_query(): INSERT INTO `player_deaths` (`player_id`, `date`, `level`) VALUES (21, 1279989622, 31) - MYSQL ERROR: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`lwot`.`player_deaths`, CONSTRAINT `player_deaths_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`player_id`)...
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    Paxton Account Manager

    Yeah, i already done it , hehehe But, BAD players can log in site with 1/1 , and delete the Account Manager Character, hAHAHHAHAHAHHAhaha now u get it?
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    Paxton Account Manager

    Idk why, but players prefer Account Manager to create, but i wanna use it, AND the website, i want enable all ppls to login with yours accs in site , but enabling Account manager only ingame.. get???
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    8.6 potion problem

    ur script have this? if have, try to change to "yes" .. and feedback.
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    I can't enter to game.

    make sure that u have 7171 and 7172 open in firewall .. and, make sure that u have set the global IP adress on config.lua.. Try it .. Set global ip adress on config.lua to .. And try to login with ipchanger with and, feedback us!
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    ModernAAC Paxton ! players and account ids

    Cyber, the topic name "Paxton!" hahahahah ;p but, paxton has answered many of my questions here ^^ -- thx cyber, i solved it with u help u told me wtf is truncate :P hehe! i think u dont need more rep .. do u need? ;P
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    Windows Can't logg into my ot :/

    Hm,do u have set Global ip adress on config.lua ?
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    Paxton Account Manager

    paxton, any way to block ppl to login the account id 1 (Account manager) On the site? Something like.. when try to login "You cant log in with account manager in this place" or just blocking the Login if the Accunt have < 2 letters ! so this will block the acc "1" to login! get it? yea?
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    Modern AAC 1.0

    this is really a good release ;p my trunk is 179 i guess, ill just update some file :p~~ love ur aac..