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  1. MrVilhelm

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    Everything is in an early state as stated before. But yes! We will have to remove all the sprites that was included in that pack duo to it being spread around this much. This is not something we wanted to do but will have to do. You will probably have to stand seeing them in a few more pics in...
  2. MrVilhelm

    ༻》Welcome to Azakelis《༺

    Saving it all for the big reveal! + Its not ready for the eyes of the world yet ^^ Have a great rest of your day @Blez
  3. MrVilhelm

    [PAID JOB] Hiring Tutorials Writer for WIKI

    Okay, last response. I see your point, and yes you are right. Problem is that I didnt have screenshots and pics made beforehand. So basically to even write an article I first had to explore the map and make the quest, its not like I had pre knowledege about anything. He just told me to do this...
  4. MrVilhelm

    [PAID JOB] Hiring Tutorials Writer for WIKI

    Experience working with this guy : Aggressive, does not want to negotiate, has no respect for personal life. Overall bad experience. Please @Shadow Im not here for the drama. Okay so let this all go after this post. Working with you was a mess, very aggressive (not friendly at all). To...
  5. MrVilhelm

    Suggestion for safer Forum

    THIS!!!!! 😍 Love it!
  6. MrVilhelm

    Mapper Beto's Mapping Services

    Daaamn talented guy! Could you update your mapping thread so we can get some new fresh pieces to adore 😍
  7. MrVilhelm

    Mana keg

    @Sebastian12a maybe you could try to explain it in your native language and we try to translate it?
  8. MrVilhelm

    Mana keg

    But what do you want it to do when you have 400 strong manas and you click the keg 4 times?
  9. MrVilhelm

    2 years later - here I am again

    True but sad....
  10. MrVilhelm


    Lul post the case if thats the case ^^
  11. MrVilhelm

    AsgardOT v3-Mapping Showoff

    This looks amazing! GjGJ
  12. MrVilhelm

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V2

    Omg, this is legit the most retarded thing I've ever heard 😂 Thanks for the amazing start to my day sir!
  13. MrVilhelm

    Write scripts on mobile?

    Or simply no... 😂
  14. MrVilhelm


    Ehh Tangie is childish? Why are you still replying, nothing here concerns you ^^ And secondly, as you stated, we are not going to use that, Tangie works on a new all the time. And you saying he doesnt do work that others see? You have no idea what you are talking about, he streams his music...
  15. MrVilhelm

    [France] [Custom /10.98] | OFFICIAL Start | VisionOT Online - 14th May 18:00 CET | RPG Style

    Eyy this looks awesome! Maybe you can do like AQW, I really enjoyed their pets. They did it like some pets (rare ones) allow you to do rare tasks, ex a nulgath pet that you were only able to get during a birthday event allowed you to do a farming quest for nulgath items that no one else that...