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  1. Musaab

    Lua Multiple damage system request

    Good question, try to ask in support page :)
  2. Musaab

    Spell [TFS 1.2/1.3] Unnamed spell (looks cool tho)

    What! You mean that if every player uses this spell on the same time with same spam it will cause lagg??? :D big ass long freeze haha
  3. Musaab

    Lua Multiple damage system request

    Hey! I dont know exactly how that would apply to your version but i have something similiar to one of my spells function spell14.onCastSpell(creature, variant) if math.random(1, 100) <= 70 then --- 70% chance that the spell will hit a second time addEvent(secondSpell, 500...
  4. Musaab

    OTClient Extra exp for using this client?

    Good shit, start adding lots of content that requires effort and not a 1 player with 3 mc running it alone :P or disable mcs or atleast 1 mc only or something like that so ppl will have to rely on finding others to do stuff together
  5. Musaab

    OTClient Extra exp for using this client?

    Why do u not want your players to bot? I suppose every server owner has some reasons but what are yours? I know mostly because 8.6 is the most botted tibia version and the game play it self depends alot on botting since no one wants to hunt hours and hours for level in an Otserv because its...
  6. Musaab

    How to enable monster's summons to be able to summon? TFS 1.3

    Hellos, So am trying something retarded and maybe fun , My monster x have the code inside monsters/x <summons maxSummons="1"> <summon name="x"interval="1000" chance="100" /> </summons> So the monster can spawn a replica of it self. But i want the spawned x monster to also be able...
  7. Musaab

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 Level Up Reward insted of EXP upon finishing a task?

    Hey So i have a task system that rewards player by item/exp bla bla bla, my question is if its possible to instead of adding Experience as reward to add a full lvl up insted? What i mean by full level is exampel if player is lvl 100 with 50% left to lvl 101 and gets a "Full lvl" he will be...
  8. Musaab

    Scammed by Aurelion

    I honestly dont think any Laws apply here haha wild wild west
  9. Musaab

    TFS 1.3 Storage time check

    So thats fixed! Thank u! Anyone knows how to convert the seconds to minutes?
  10. Musaab

    TFS 1.3 Storage time check

    Hey! So i have a exp scroll that uses storage Script below for to check how long time the +exp scroll has left. function onSay(cid, words, param) local player = Player(cid) local remaining = getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 9997) - os.time() if remaining <= 0 then...
  11. Musaab

    VIP System [The Forgotten Server 1.0]

    Am having the same type of issue, strange, any one found a way to fix that? Thxx
  12. Musaab

    Looking for scripter lua form poland

    Wrong section bro
  13. Musaab

    Otclient module

    Hey Could someone make a simple example how module are connected with tfs scripts? Thxxx
  14. Musaab

    Solved Is their a way to remove the "drop of items" upon death? |TFS 1.3| |8.6|

    i think its better not to remove any important file, u never know what it might mess up xD rather try that fix i linked, if it does not help then try to delete it but back it up somewhere ;P
  15. Musaab

    Solved Is their a way to remove the "drop of items" upon death? |TFS 1.3| |8.6|

    strange, check this out maybe it will work for u https://otland.net/threads/forever-aol-doesnt-work-tfs-1-3.271287/#post-2613814