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Recent content by Pawcio6

  1. Pawcio6

    Custom/RPG services [C++/LUA/PHP/GLSL]

    Yo I noticed that custom servers are more popular now a days, so i decided to start my own services to help anyone that want to own their RPG server. I can work on almost anything related to OTS script development. Prices: scripts = { OTC full OTUI/LUA module - 25-50 $ Engine LUA scripts -...
  2. Pawcio6

    C++ enums update item attribute over 31 question

    on 32+ number you should use extend 1U << 32 i think 31 dont even need extend so was given as example for futher attributes but if you want to add new set of attributes maybe better would be to just use ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_CUSTOM #edit if you thinking about to adding more than one attribute...
  3. Pawcio6

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 8.60

    looks fine, i dont have 1.3 but 1.4 seems to use ITEM_SHOPPING_BAG = 23782 if you are using 8.6 spr/dat there is probably no item with this id try to change all ITEM_SHOPPING_BAG to ITEM_BAG in npc/lib/npcsystem/modules.lua
  4. Pawcio6

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 8.60

    post your doNpcSellItem function in data/npc/lib/npc.lua
  5. Pawcio6

    developing weapon

    hard to say since i dont recognize most functions you used i guess you can try something like this function tryUseSword(item) local itemCharges = getItemCharges(item.uid) local maxCharges = 50000 local getExpChance = 100 -- get charge percent if itemCharges < maxCharges and math.random(1,100)...
  6. Pawcio6

    TFS 0.X Bless System - Improved

    blessing by definition lower the exp and skill penalties so what different about your "new blessing" would be? Increase your basic blessing in config.lua blessingReductionBase = 30 blessingReductionDecrement = 5 eachBlessReduction = 8 npc lua local keywordHandler =...
  7. Pawcio6

    TFS 0.X Bless System - Improved

    just limit your talkaction blessing, change all loops to for i = 1, 2 do and price price = price * 2 * 1.2 copy buyAllBlessings function to npc and change it to bless from 3 to 5, now trigger that function after saying some words to npc
  8. Pawcio6

    How to use uint64_t?

    If you are using otclient find in protocolgameparse.cpp money = msg->getU32(); change it to 64 and recompile client
  9. Pawcio6

    TFS 1.X+ Help Creature Event Storage

    something like this should work function onKill(cid, target) if(isMonster(target) == TRUE) then local name = getCreatureName(target) local monster = monsters[string.lower(name)] if(monster) then for i,child in pairs(target:getDamageMap()) do if isPlayer(i) then...
  10. Pawcio6

    C++ [TFS 1.4] Increase monster movement/non-idle range but keep monster targeting range

    You kinda right changing getPathSearchParams will help for sure but since client view isnt a square you will need to tweak it anyway and it use canUseAttack anyway in overriden monster::getPathSearchParams
  11. Pawcio6

    C++ [TFS 1.4] Increase monster movement/non-idle range but keep monster targeting range

    At least some progress ^_^ Do you changed canUseAttack and canUseSpell like I wrote earlier?
  12. Pawcio6

    Lua fromPosition (how use this with stackpos)

    creating item by default should create apple on top of tree i assume your problem is that it is creating under the tree so you can check your dat/otb attributes as i remember there was something that specify if the item will be on top/bottom of stack or you can loop tree position with something...
  13. Pawcio6

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    Damn good work looking forward for future improvements! Client realy feel smoother when walking with arrows, mouse walking still seems snappy tho. I've found some bugs will post them on issues later. Good luck with project!
  14. Pawcio6

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3 / 1.4] Upgrade System

    yeah, probably count(number) is returned as fromPosition(position table) if you have source to your engine find there onMoveItem and check correct order or troubleshoot yourself by printing every value
  15. Pawcio6

    Lua fromPosition (how use this with stackpos)

    I mean both scripts you posted dont even suppose to run not mention work, do you have any errors in tfs console? you should have add something like this in actions.xml <action itemid="2703" script="yourscriptname.lua" /> and something like this in script function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition...