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    [Sweden][10.98] Revolution OT Alpha/beta F2PP Open 20 Jan 2019

    Tried out the server and looks promising, gonna be interesting to see what it has to offer in the future.
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    [kuzyn mapping]

    like a book on table in liblary or some trash on road or a trash can in +1 depo or more barrels in boat
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    [kuzyn mapping]

    a bit more details would be awesome :D
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    I'm making a game

    is it made in unity?
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    [France]Ranger's Arcani |NEW CLASS|BETA|FULL CUSTOM|

    There is link to download in discord, then you register inside client.
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    [France]Ranger's Arcani |NEW CLASS|BETA|FULL CUSTOM|

    Dear Testers We have some juicy news for you today! Rogue class has finally arrived to our live server. You´ll find it under the character creation on our client. We encourage you to test it and leave us feedback. Rogues can currently only promote to Assassins. Instead of using old tibia skill...
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    Ascalon Re-launch

    I remember he hosted it once and it was bad. Developers should not always listen to community they should have their own vision of a server/game.
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    Ascalon Re-launch

    Ascalon was great server, but im not gonna play it with new admins/owner's they have no idea what they are doing. New content added was always not even 20% good as Fare's content, and most of changes were stupid.
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    Cryptocurrencies and Micro Cryptocurrencies

    You should buy BitConnect, im for a long in crypto also i do trust Carlos (look video): its joke dont buy it
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    Looking people [Hexera]

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    Battle Royale - share your thoughts!

    We decided to keep updating RA instead of making new server, now we are working on big update that will have new class, new skill system and some more minor stuff.
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    My 3D game project, a bit similar to Tibia!

    seems so nice in terms of game mechanics, i love that anihilator quest, good luck with project
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    [Sweden] The Lost Kingdom Server (custom client)

    i love server so far
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    [France]Ranger's Arcani |NEW CLASS|BETA|FULL CUSTOM|

    Yes, now we are using cheap host in france for beta testing. We will get better one for official start :)