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    OpenTibia OTClient 8.0 with Real Tibia features

    No one has ?
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    Mapper nostalrius map converter

    Which tool did you used to do that? Thanks in advance
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    OTClient 1.0

    The client is incredible , please add support for old versions like 7.6 and 7.72 many orland users like those versions
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    Tibia 11-12+ Packet Sniffer (RL & OT)

    how can i disable this to use it on cipsoft servers?
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    compiling server and client

    pm me with expecifications to strike a deal
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    OTClient decoding protocol userdata

    how do i get rsa + otclien protocol with this?
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    OTClient decoding protocol userdata

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    Lua Death Channel with diferent colors

    Was this solved?
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    [Discussion] TFS direction (to do list/new milestones)

    Would be hard getting different branches, and develop what ppl like most like 7.72, 8.60 and 12?
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    [8.0] - TFS 1.2

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    GoOT (Golang Server)

    Dead, buried deep on the ground