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    Problem with TFS 0.2 or Znote/ Death List?

    same problem
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    [ZNOTE AAC] characterprofile.php -- deathlist error

    Hey otlanders, I use the old layout znote for 7.4 and after upload my .sql database appear that error down In lastest Kills appear the last deaths but in the characterprofile.php it does not appear who killed the player so he died nothing appears
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    TFS 0.X [7.72] Autoloot MOD Issue

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    [Brazil] [7.4] Hardera OT - ANTIBOT - March, 7, 13:00 GMT-3

    Welcome to The Hardera OT Released 07/03/2021 www.harderaot.com Rates: Skill rate: 4 Magic rate: 2 Loot rate: 2 Task system Boosted creature system Party share 4 players more 100% EXP Promotion 10k NPC DONT SELL RUNES Desert quest SOLO Real Map Map 7.4 Stackable runes and potions FREE...
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    Otclient 7.72

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    Items.OTB Editor 7.92

    i need too
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    Thanks for reply. But its not the same problem...
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    So i have a problem on my phpmyadmin and website (MYAAC) I can't create an account and character! SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '' for key 'number' But if I change the 'number' to 'id' I can create an account and character and after that i was trying...
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    hide folders(HELP)

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    [Brazil] [7.4 / Custom] D2-Server - Re-open! [24.05, Sunday 20:00 -3 GMT]

    Now we have a OTClient for Android
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    C++ [OTC] RSA Key.

    same issue. can you help me?
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    [Brazil] [7.4 / Custom] D2-Server - Re-open! [24.05, Sunday 20:00 -3 GMT]

    Site: D2-Server | old school (https://d2server.online/) Port: 7171 Client: 7.72 Our server is featured with 7.4 and 8.0 characteristics, but e use OTCLIENT because it supports DirectX 9 » Rates: Level 1 → 30 100x Level 31 → 50 70x Level 51 → 70 35x Level 70 → 90 15x Level 91 → 100 10x Level...