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Recent content by PuszekLDZ

  1. PuszekLDZ

    [Poland] [7.4] RetroTibia74 TestServer

    that the most PVP demanding ver for me, and I like it a lot :) im from those days XD
  2. PuszekLDZ

    [Poland] [7.4] RetroTibia74 TestServer

    yea, I see You point, but we dont do this for money :)
  3. PuszekLDZ

    [Poland] [7.4] RetroTibia74 TestServer

    @tibia_player according to You, we got to setup a single server to each user :) as Youy see - this one we want to do as much possible like real one from those days - and Your hints are too far from that but thank You for time and for writing that :)
  4. PuszekLDZ

    [Poland] [7.4] RetroTibia74 TestServer

    Do you remember? We do, for this reason a thought and idea arose to return to those times. The times when you were sitting and doing runes, training your skills and talking to people. The times of making friends that have survived to this day, people who will not be forgotten and spending a lot...
  5. PuszekLDZ

    Programmer Hire me on weekly basis

    I was working with @Ezzz and we do some deals - one word - PERFECT. I just can recommend him for You all. If you are wondering, feel free to write to him while he has time for you :)
  6. PuszekLDZ

    Team Looking for players to test server

    Hello. I am looking for testers for my server. We are mainly looking for players from Poland due to the ease of contact in their native language, but I am very happy to invite people from outside of Poland, in addition to testing the connection and speed (lags, etc.) This is an offer for old...
  7. PuszekLDZ

    [MyAAC][Plugin] Gesior Shop System

    check that param 1 is a item ID from server check that you got lua on server added (to events) check that you have cap/free hands/ etc
  8. PuszekLDZ

    Programmer Looking for a help

    you got a time later for me to help me set up all for $$$ ? some of builds i can compile, some of them i cant... thats why i write that.. i got a build for 2015 and i can do it... but with other one i cant.. 1600347366 OK, i do it... mpir wasnt load at all via vcpkg installation ... :D case...
  9. PuszekLDZ

    Programmer Looking for a help

    i get that error
  10. PuszekLDZ

    Programmer Looking for a help

    Hi. I`m looking for a programmer, to help me set up a VS 2015 / VS 2019 that I could compile my files. I got a problem, because I was able to compile server like nostalrius, but after comp change, now i cant and i dont remmember how i set it up before. With files for 7.4 downgrade I dont have...
  11. PuszekLDZ

    Looking for Otserv 7.4/7.7 (tfs 1.3)

    i got one for sell 7.4 with rl map - msg me i will give you a link
  12. PuszekLDZ

    Hoster Free OTS Hosting Service 2020 w/DDoS Protection

    Don.. May I put my server in to your host? Its a 7.4 pure compile for fun for everyone :)
  13. PuszekLDZ

    [POLAND] [7.72] OlderCores

    You right, that was true till now.. Nów it will be like it is.. Rates, lvls and etc Engine work fine, map is ok, no known bugs already. Till now it was download / run server. Now is edited and it will be like it is. I will not change anything from now 😉 Try it and Tell Me what u feel it
  14. PuszekLDZ

    help with MY-ACC after move to new server

    hi there.. after moving to new server (almost all works fine..) i got problem with a "Lost Account" by reg key and by mail.. i get 2 of those error any ideas why`s that appear? @slawkens ?