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Raggaer's best answers

  1. Raggaer

    Error in gesior

    Okey my guess is that your query returns an error and you are not checking for it. So change the line to this $zapytanie = $SQL->query("SELECT `z_forum`.`icon_id`,`z_forum`.`post_topic`, `z_forum`.`author_guid`, `z_forum`.`post_date`, `z_forum`.`post_text`, `z_forum`.`id`, `z_forum`.`replies`...
  2. Raggaer

    Webpage Registration error

    Your query is wrong you are missing the account_id attribute? SELECT `created` FROM `znote_accounts` WHERE `account_id` = 10 LIMIT 1; For example. Also select_single only gets a single result so there is no need for LIMIT 1 plus there is only one account for your given ID (usually)
  3. Raggaer

    Windows Website creation and hosting multiple

    If you plan on hosting you should go for Caddy with your database choice + PHP or nginx instead of Caddy. The rest are bad options for hosting anything on the internet. Uniserver and XAMPP should be only use for local development. On both nginx or Caddy forums there are tutorials to setup a PHP...
  4. Raggaer


    It depends. Znote or Gesior? for Znote is kinda easy, you just need to pass PHP to fastcgi, on Gesior you need to get the php from the subtopic and pass it to fastcgi server { listen 80; root /usr/share/nginx/www; index index.php index.html index.htm...
  5. Raggaer

    AAC function rowcount

    As the error says, $gallery is not an object. This piece of code gave me cancer. Please format it correctly, also there is no need to use: f(!is_int($number_of_rows / 2)) { We are in 2k17, you can use CSS for this: .zebra tbody tr:nth-child(odd) { background-color: #D4C0A1; } .zebra...
  6. Raggaer

    Can't get schema version! Does `schema_info` exist?

    That does not look like broken, check your config.php file maybe you need to enable the shop system
  7. Raggaer

    TFS 1.X+ [PHP] - Powergamers

    <?php require_once 'engine/init.php'; include 'layout/overall/header.php'; if (!$config['powergamers']['enabled']) { echo 'This page has been disabled at config.php.'; include 'layout/overall/footer.php'; exit(); } ?> <div class="panel"> <div class="page-header"><h3>Powergamers</h3></div>...
  8. Raggaer

    AAC Znote problem creating account

    Have you tried peonso/ZnoteOTHire ?