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  1. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ spellbook not work in tfs 1.3 nekiro 8.6

    This spellbook works perfect on 1.4 downgrades, taken from here <action itemid="2175" script="other/spellbook.lua" /> function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) local text = "" local tlvl = {} local tml = {} for _, spell in...
  2. ralke

    Blue light Glasses. Do they really work?

    30k you travel 👀 Jajaja, just joking, but I know you're from Chile, you can see here (this are the ones I use)
  3. ralke

    Blue light Glasses. Do they really work?

    Using Gunnar glasses too, I recommend for sure Yes they do. I don't use them all the time I spend on PC, but sometimes I have to overwork or deal with render lightining, and I can notice the difference
  4. ralke

    migrating from tfs 1.3 to 1.4 nekiro

    @johnsamir Don't get too compilcated with this, is very simple. For example, if I have an empty spawn at (01121 / 00870 / 010), Let's go to our map spawn.xml and press CTRL + F, then search for "1121" and you will eventually find the coordinate. After this, just delete all the rows that...
  5. ralke

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    Infinite thanks mehah! Here are the test results, now I can get to work with OTClient again. Tried to trigger all walking possibilities with map-clicking and arrow move. There's a little bounce as you can see on sec 19-25 but is nothing, and has to be related to configured MS. The progress of...
  6. ralke

    Graphic Designer Ralke / Free .psd website logos

    Hi! I've recently been asked to do a logo for an otland member @Jean Dark, something simple, didn't took me much time. So if you want a logo for your website, you can request it here, there's a few requeriements: a) If I accept the request, i'll leave a like to your post. b) Colors. You can...
  7. ralke

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    For sure! I attached raw 1.4 .exe and .dll in this post. Here is the link for the whole folder (weights too much to attach) I did upload the drive link myself, please let me know if it is against the rules to post an external link and i'll remove it inmediatly. To run with Znote AAC I think...
  8. ralke

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    Protocol: custom 8.60 a) Mi'hen depot b) Mi'hen mountains
  9. ralke

    TFS 1.3 - How to ADD Timer to Magic Wall and Wild Growth [ Like Magebot ] ?

    @muchppl1x You can try this, post #15, I guess OTBR has backward compatibility https://otland.net/threads/magic-wall-rune.261468/#post-2642361 Hope it helps, regards!
  10. ralke

    C++ Compilling on Windows

    Create a new notepad and paste setx BOOST_ROOT %CD% then call it register_boost_env.bat And create another notepad and paste setx TFSSDKDir %CD% and call it register_tfssdk_env.bat Here's the configuration I used to compile OTX, using boost_1_71 Regards!
  11. ralke

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    This is great! If it is possible to adapt the walking system to version 1.4 of nekiro (GitHub - nekiro/TFS-1.4-Downgrades: Alternative forgottenserver versions for older protocols support (https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.4-Downgrades)) it would be incredible. Please take this into...
  12. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ Crashing after few hours online, when using /reload commands. ( windows and linux)

    Try this libs, I use the same distribution ^^ data/npc/lib
  13. ralke

    AAC Znote Recaptcha issues

    Thanks for responding @slaw I reviewed the keys and they're well placed, also noticed that the captcha it's being triggered, but it does not consider the answer as aproved/fail. This will explain it better: Translate: We have detected that your website does not verify reCAPTCHA solutions...
  14. ralke

    AAC Znote Recaptcha issues

    Hi again! I open this new thread asking for support. I use UniformServer and Znote AAC and I'm trying to install recaptcha in my website, for this I already done the following: a) I already set up recaptcha v2 into config.php with both keys...
  15. ralke

    AAC Some .css and .php questions with Znote layout

    Finally achieved how to do this. Just go to style.css and add below .left_box ul li a:after { content: ""; width: 100%; background: url(img/line.png) no-repeat center top; height: 2px; display: block; margin-left: -10px; } The following: .right_box ul li a:after {...