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  1. ralke

    OpenTibia TFS alternative icon

    @alexv45 You can just apply this and load your own icon icon: designed by ralke (#3665) · otland/[email protected] (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/commit/063a6bfdf0072e9d361c07b6a4ce0c9b890e6d12)
  2. ralke

    [1.X] Hitchance on paladins

    Hi again! I use TFS 1.4 by nekiro (8.60 downgrade) and wondering about paladin's hitchance. When I host servers, I usually get player's feedback that paladins doesn't hit the times they should, they just miss too many attacks. I know that there's some possibilities to raise the paladin's hit...
  3. ralke

    Lua [1.X] Soul gain while standing on tile

    @Silba this was exactly was I was looking for. Did minor testings can't be sure 100% if all is ok, but got it running on the server awaiting for feed, overall, I think it works perfectly. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!! Regards :D
  4. ralke

    Lua [1.X] Soul gain while standing on tile

    Thanks for the answer @Silba. I still have a doubt. Since the old manner to add soul in 0.X was for example: doPlayerAddSoul(cid, 4), how do I indicate the amount of soul won + addTime value. Something like: player:addSoul(config.addTime, 4) This will work? Where "4" indicates the ammount of...
  5. ralke

    Lua [1.X] Soul gain while standing on tile

    Thanks @Loney honestly i'm bad scripting but I can read lua at least. The second thread you added seems to be a good solution, trying to give more information, I can say that the function player:addSoul(number) Must be used, and merged in a script like this stamina tile example: staminaEvents =...
  6. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ NPC [ShopModule.onSell]

    Hi again! I'm having a constant error, but I can't figure out what is triggering it. I use TFS 1.4 downgrade by nekiro (8.6), it says that players are attempting to sell a non-sellable item, but, don't know which NPC might have this problem, there's any way to fix this, or locate the error by...
  7. ralke

    AAC MYAAC error while creating Guild

    Not sure where is your 'residence' table. But guess you can find it at Players table, then search for 'residence'. After that, follow this instruction (change the parameters marked in red circles) AAC - Database error. (https://otland.net/threads/database-error.251945/#post-2445294) If you...
  8. ralke

    OTClient Light coming through floor.

    Im not sure, but I think that vainilla clients works different. They show the lighting sources considering floors, and the lighting from light sources only applies to the floor where they are. Not sure if light sources intervene on other floors. But on mehah's the lighting sources has much more...
  9. ralke

    OTClient Light coming through floor.

    Check the upper floors, maybe under the walls or under a big object, there's a tile missing. That's why that light is comming from the upper floor. Another way to illuminate the enviroment that I did, requieres modified .spr. You can create a "fill light" object with the properties of a "nothing...
  10. ralke

    Lua [1.X] Soul gain while standing on tile

    Hi! I wonder if you can help me again at this one :). Would like to request a tile that makes the player gain soul after "x" seconds. The only thing I was able to found for this Traning monk regen Soul (https://otland.net/threads/traning-monk-regen-soul.274492/) but it has a problem that OP...
  11. ralke

    Compiling Request TFS 1.4 Downgrade 8.6 compile

    If you don't want to make source changes you can simply go to Releases and download a run&go compiled server https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.4-Downgrades/releases/tag/v1.2 Regards!
  12. ralke

    Method to call player.getSkillLevel (axe, sword, distance, etc.)

    @Sarah Wesker after some more tests, saw it still has some bugs Level skills are showing properly, but skill ones has a bad order. Any idea of what can be happening? Ill try to merge more test screenshots, Regards!
  13. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ Spell cooldown (hell's core, rage of the skies, etc)

    For further views, this is a commit related to the new cooldown system https://github.com/tornadia/forgottenserver/commit/23880b1eeacd50b3bf96c10d9443898b15275ee7#diff-534f433e7a0b5ec5c233390037e131f3717e8aa5f347c47e650a65a1ddc95279R1600 Since @emil92b answered my question, I will use this as...
  14. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ Spell cooldown (hell's core, rage of the skies, etc)

    Hi! I have a question. I've seen on wiki and main TFS repository that spells like Hell's Core and Rage of the Skies has 40.000 of cooldown (40 sec), and they also have a "group cooldown" that allow players to use other spell attacks. The thing is, for the downgrade 8.6 of Nekiro (1.4)...
  15. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ Lootbag dissapear at gate of expertice

    to reproduce see the video from 0:40, has nothing to do with the pool under I just recorded as soon they reported jajaja