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    Need help with simple script

    I mean the server version, not the client. There are 8.6 servers that use TFS 1.2, TFS 0.4, etc. I need to know which SERVER version you're using.
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    Need help with simple script

    First and foremost, I'm guessing you're using 2 different servers, please state which version is the 8.6 one, and which version is the 10.99 one
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    TFS 0.X Dungeon queuer problem

    What are the prints you have there returned, I mean, where does it stop printing things in console?
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    TFS 0.X Dungeon queuer problem

    Got it to work then mate?
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    Action Herblore / Mining Skill [TFS 1.1]

    They do? That's a really nice surprise for me! If you need anything else just let me know.
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    Action Herblore / Mining Skill [TFS 1.1]

    Sorry for the late reply, been busy these days. You could try removing the returns after the checking part, it should look like this: if player:getStorageValue(15002) == -1 then --Mining check player:setStorageValue(15002, 1) player:setStorageValue(15003, 0) end if...
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    Action Herblore / Mining Skill [TFS 1.1]

    This is why, you don't have the storages assigned to the player. Not assigned is not even 0, it's -1. So that's why changing the script to zero won't work. You can add something like this in login.lua so existing players will get the skill on level 1 after they log in. local skill = xxxx...
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    The Forgotten Tibia (no vocations, new skills, skills by points, dual wield, auto loot, quiver, etc)

    This sounds so cool! I may give it a try once I get home, congratulations and keep up the good work!
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    Looking for people!

    You could try Paladins and if you like it we could play a lot. I have an amateur esports team and many friends there, so it's fairly common to be full party all the time, but if you log in and we party up, no one's gonna kick you no matter what. All of them are pretty cool!
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    Cosmetic effect scroll request

    I guess the effect part when you gain a level works out. A tip I can give you is that when you assign the permanent effect from the scroll, it gives you an storage. Then edit your 'reach level, add effect' function to check if it has that storage. If it does, do not assign any effect and that's it.
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    Solved How many creatures a monster can summon?

    <summons maxSummons="3"> <summon name="Magebomb" interval="2000" chance="25" /> </summons> Adjust the interval and chance how you see fit. Also, as Ascuas said, try not using such low values
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    Lua Npc Trade system Change "money"

    It's not doable without source edits, and even if you did, would change how every npc works. If you are planning on making only one npc work with it I could think of a workaround. But you won't be able to use "trade" windows with that specific currency. Would be like older npcs, you will have to...
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    Script for function onStepIn

    It's not regenerating anything, it's adding max health and max mana to the player.
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    (tfs 1.3 ) help in npc.

    And which vocation should exchange what? You need to be more specific, I add the vocation check, easy, and what do I need to do with it? Limit certain items to certain vocations or what?
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    tfs 1.1 Travel Npc please.

    Try erasing all parameters of npc.xml as you already have them in your script. Try again? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <npc name="Captain Steven" script="travel.lua" walkinterval="0" floorchange="0"> <health now="150" max="150"/> <look type="151" head="114" body="57"...