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  1. Recreant

    Why “Old-School” servers don’t really work

    considering that total 7.x version playerbase all around the world is about 1k i'd say having 300 on your server is a damn impressive score, with deleting all the mcs/bots and having no spoofs on top of that
  2. Recreant

    8.0/7.4 War OTS High Peaced Levels?

    unfortunately there aren't any servers like those, i suggested a lot of times to a few 7.4 warot owners to do a speed rotation system where you'd have different character speed at a different day of the week. The problem with 7.4 warservers is that they can only allow level 31-37 bracket because...
  3. Recreant

    [USA/Brazil/Germany] [7.4] RetroCores [13/11 - 17:00 CET] new and better era!

    massive farms + ability to buy backpacks of gfb/sd in the game store for $$ makes that possible
  4. Recreant

    [France] [7.4+] Valoria Online | NEW WORLD STARTING 01.10 | RL Map | ANTIBOT | NO WIPES | also on Android devices ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    can we fix the speed formula on this server, like 80 mage runs as fast as level 150 on any other server
  5. Recreant

    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    Tibiantis - for oldschool nostalgia Medivia - used to be for oldschool nostalgia with a new twist on the gameplay, nowadays its another pokemon ots with custom sprites and level 400's Waropolis - straight fights without caring about money and item loss, highrate servers had massive rates and you...
  6. Recreant

    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    tibiantis/medivia/old waropolis servers from 2017-2018 (versions 7.1-7.72)
  7. Recreant

    Medivia and their updates

    tibia77 aka kay vs tampon battle Round 1, commence! This is gonna be legendary
  8. Recreant

    Medivia and their updates

    I never thought I'd agree with Tampon on something, what the fuck.
  9. Recreant

    Medivia and their updates

    Except Iryont himself never confirmed it, when he is asked directly about it he either ignores the question or gives some vague answers that aren't exactly on topic, so, yeah. I'm inclined to believe that it was only because he wanted the game to be available on Steam.
  10. Recreant

    Medivia and their updates

    Im surprised ppl still believe that it was the case, lol.
  11. Recreant

    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online

    1200-1400 eu~
  12. Recreant

    Medivia and their updates

    Nah, it's not worth it.
  13. Recreant

    Zenith - A new type of Oldschool

    Did you add stats to rings as well? Cause switching energy ring, time ring and switching ssa's might punish you in an unintended way.