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  1. Redleaf

    Ennis - Development Thread

    Made an account but when trying to login, what was saved isn't correct. Any assistance with recovering the account? :p Regards, Cody
  2. Redleaf

    [USA] [Custom/7.4] Sanctuary Online - Immense RPG Experience!

    Tamatoa The first invader you will encounter goes by the name Tamatoa. He is a greedy, ruthless, narcissistic and selfish giant crab who loves to collect valuable objects for himself and will destroy anyone he views as a threat to his treasures. Tamatoa is protected by a thick outer shell that...
  3. Redleaf

    [Germany][7.4] Classic-Gaming - Nova - HIGHRATE RealOTS - Start 18:00 CEST Friday 19th

    Only thing missing is more players.. :) Regards, Cody
  4. Redleaf

    [France] [8.0] Midhem Online | Longterm & Lowrate | Achievements, Dailies, Prey, Task, Bonuses, Crafting, Mixed PvP

    You have 635 available store points. You have 1060 history store points. Hmm? Explain the difference. Regards, Cody
  5. Redleaf

    CG [7.4 - 7.7] RealOTS/Files from 2006 - What would you want?

    Got a noobie set available in main? LOL Regards, Cody
  6. Redleaf

    CG [7.4 - 7.7] RealOTS/Files from 2006 - What would you want?

    I'll give it a shot with some of my free time. :) Regards, Cody
  7. Redleaf

    [Netherlands] [7.92] Sabrehaven | Reverse Engineering Real Tibia OTS

    Just training characters for the next few days.. but will start leveling soon. Glad to be back :) Regards, Cody
  8. Redleaf

    [12.4] Solteria - RPG server - discussion thread

    In regards to the crafting system, maybe normal equipment until you hit a certain crafting level & then possibly higher end gear would open up for you to collect/hunt for? A beefed up fire wave similar to energy wave would be nice. Adds an additional spell to the rotation. Stunning spell -...
  9. Redleaf

    [12.4] Solteria - RPG server - discussion thread

    Following. I really enjoy custom maps. :) Regards, Cody
  10. Redleaf

    [NL] [10.98] Dolport Challenges

    Going to check the server out, but just an FYI, the first link for the download isn't working. Megaupload still works, thankfully. Also, Sorcerer's don't get the 10 brown mushrooms that others do when first logging in. Not a big deal, just figured I'd point it out. Liking the looks of the...
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    Tibia 7.1 Brainstorming thread

    I played Lunara with a group of about 15+ rl friends back in the day. I miss those days lol. Regards, Cody
  12. Redleaf

    Tibia 7.1 Brainstorming thread

    LoA - Liches of Arcanire (sp?)? Regards, Cody
  13. Redleaf

    [Brazil] [7.4] Imperianic - Imera - [24.05, Sunday 18:00 BRT]

    Looked interesting until I saw how you interact with people with genuine concerns. Thanks for the heads up. :rolleyes: Regards, Cody
  14. Redleaf

    What were the blockers for you when developing a server?

    Honestly, last time I tried to host a server it was 10+ years ago and it was easy enough to modify everything & get things running (they're still moderately simple). It was a YurOTs map and mostly opened it to have fun with friends. These days, I have a lot of ideas on what I would love to do...