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    OpenTibia OT Script Plugin for Notepad++ (updated)

    download notepad++ he explains in the first post
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    TalkAction Make say

    awesome script, i dont get sick of it lol
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    Scripter Searching LUA scripter (tfs 1.2)

    id say this community just seems to be falling apart, but i guess tibia and ots have always been like that
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    TFS 1.2 Talkaction add storage and remove storage

    gonna test this, regardless thanks for the effort even though he posted it in the wrong spot
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    [10.00/11] OTXServer Full Global Daily Updated!

    This might be a dumb question, but i was told that in 11, they drop the login server and u need to get on it a alternate way with a webservice, dont mind me its late here. so why would you want to use 11, if its almost unusable for people to run i get it, you can switch to 10.99 but you...
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    How to use Client Converter? you downloaded the sources im guessing, i used to feel lost on github as well. I just went to ottools/ClientConverter Clicked on <Code> Then Releases v0.2 Mignari released this on Apr 24, 2016 Update...
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    Lua Moving Boat Small edit, Pictures Attached

    Limos (original thread) so we added itemid 459 the invisible hole at the first tile
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    Lua Moving Boat Small edit, Pictures Attached

    And im a idiot, shoulda fully read more and looked before posting.... ideas are already around and will post back here if i succeed.
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    Lua Moving Boat Small edit, Pictures Attached

    Hello, fiirst off credit to Limos amazing script Action - Moving Boat I was hoping i could get this to go down a waterfall, or -1 floor, we attempted it hoping it would just naturally go down, obviously didnt but we hoped! Any suggestions or attempts are greatly appreciated Thanks again...
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    [TFS 1.2] Logs of commands used

    the forgotten server>data>logs I dont believe so, as theyre their own text documents in there.. I suggest opening and reading all folders in data.. Good Luck lots of great tutorials here, so start reading
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    Weather System [TFS 1.x]

    @Printer, Amazing script.. it was nice to make it rain thanks again
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    TFS 1.x Series Interface Explanations

    appreciate the work, im trying to do more, to learn more easily understood!
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    Lua [TFS 1.2] Sweetheart Ring Script Error

    @Aled, your script is confirmed working on tfs 1.2 10.98 nice work
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    [TFS1.1] Script to open teleport in local x when monster x dies

    ninjas script is confirmed working on 1.2 10.98 nice script was needing it as well