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    Everdale - Development Thread

    i cant play :S
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    [France] [8.0] Midhem Online | Bifrost Season VIII | 6th Aug | 2x XP | Achievements, Prey, Task, Bonuses, ~Optional: Hardcore Mode~

    I think he needs to work a little on the knight is very weak compared to other vocations I do not think it is balanced ... Ek's health goes up 4/2 seconds and the magician's mana goes up 8/2 seconds. I don't think this is right. The knight's health should be greater per second. IN MY OPINION
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    [France] [Custom /10.98] | OFFICIAL Start | VisionOT Online - 24th September 19:00 CET | RPG Style

    I think he does not care about your comment, but nevertheless I agree with you the success of an ot is not if it has a bot or not, you can find ot with 2000 players and they have bot, I would like them to implement bot, they solve the problem of the bot with stamina
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    🟥 [France/Canada][CUSTOM] Ranger's Arcani NPVP WORLDS 🟥

    for what are the trainer ?
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    [France] [Custom / 12.60] ViveraOT

    open the server :D
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    [America][12.51] Razgard Adventures [Global][PvP]

    what is the purpose of playing something more difficult than tibia rl? You are not giving any plus only difficulty: / I do not think it works very well, not even fast attack now you will have to be lvl 100 to be able to kill a dragon, I think you should rethink the ideas of your server. for...
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    [Poland][Custom - 10.98] Ennis - 3 October at 18:00 CET

    I agree with you in the aspect that vocations are unbalanced, The server is made for mages, as paladins and knights waste so much time in training but they can't either because they have to hunt to get soul but you can't kill because you don't have skills, for when you have the skills to hunt...