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  1. scheisse

    kionas showoff

    i like zhe sprite combos, colors and the way you put the hangingbplants. i also like that u make tall buildings. what i dont like are these white sand borders and the stone borders. they stand too much from the muddy grounds.
  2. scheisse

    Dewral Mapping Showoff

    mushrooms on stonefloor look weird,i would remove em.
  3. scheisse

    kionas showoff

    i am not sure bout these slim wooden borders.... havy u triee white stones border? i am using them, looks good
  4. scheisse

    Orcs is sight! run and hide!

    my first mapping thread is still around..... jesus christ.....
  5. scheisse

    The Unknown | Mapping Thread

    You must continue in this style! it looks so great! jesus christ!
  6. scheisse

    The white city

    Nот sure, i havent worked on maps for the last months.... dont know when ill start again. 1655956107 It usually takes some time to get myself rolling..... i am lazy and just say ill do it tomorrow and tomorrow i say i do it tomorrow and so on.... hehe
  7. scheisse

    Deutsche ?

    Bin ausländer
  8. scheisse

    The white city

    guys, i know i promised to send u the map, but atm i cant. the reason is i cant openRME on this computer and the other computer that i used so far seems to be very old and slow to even open internet. until i solve the problem how to get rme opened on this computer, you have to wait. i also...
  9. scheisse

    The white city

    I have no problems with this. I usually give the map to everyone who PMs me. But keep in mind that the city is not nearly finished! Interior, undeground, backwalls etc. are usually missing.... i am planing to add them at the end. And I am planning to re-work some of the curent places, cuz i am...
  10. scheisse

    The white city

  11. scheisse

    auda's Mapping

    i like the cyclopes mountain. nice simple map.
  12. scheisse

    The white city

  13. scheisse

    Beyond Sky [ShowOff]

    Iglus and grass dont make sense
  14. scheisse

    The white city

    I have made a full overview picture of my city, but i cant upload it here, because the picture is too big. Are there any other solutions? People asked me in the past to upload the full view; i would rly like to do it. Meanwhile something else: 1. 2. 3.
  15. scheisse

    The white city

    Finished the northern part of the summer quarter. Forgot to add some cracks on the ground ... :/