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  1. Shadowsong

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I don't think this is justification enough to include them in the pack, if Peonso is even doing that anymore, the OP states in contribution guidelines that: Unless the author or the person who originally commissioned them from the author provide permission/proof, as a general rule, I would be...
  2. Shadowsong

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    They're very nice looking sprites, but can you reference the original author of these sprites or tag them so they verify your claim?
  3. Shadowsong

    A new idea, to get back old "atmosphere"

    Retrospectively, In my first 1st-2nd year of starting to dabble with OTs and code, I wouldn't have done it, because I was dumb and very insecure about the quality of my code, with which I wouldn't want to plague the community and get berated for it by more experienced coders, exposing my...
  4. Shadowsong

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V3

    #3 seems most elegant and clean while both having the label and the mascot but since it has scalability issues, much like #2 as well, I preferred #1. A modernistic design approach, but a welcome one, I could never take any of that previous stuff seriously.
  5. Shadowsong

    Use 100x item if have 100 item

    You could detect how many stacks of the item the player has with local totalStacks = getPlayerItemCount(cid, item.id) and increase values based on a multiplier of that count. Just make sure to then also remove that amount of stacks with doRemoveItem(item.uid, totalStacks). You could limit the...
  6. Shadowsong

    Sprites by Saphron

    Bro that's legit one of the most terrifying sprites I've seen. Great job!
  7. Shadowsong

    New TFS logo / icon

    I know, but as designer, it's better not to make general assumptions based on subjective experience (i.e. 'it looks good to me'), cuz if you're aware that it's already edging on uncomfortable territory, it's better to take into account the possibility that it might not feel the same for other...
  8. Shadowsong

    New TFS logo / icon

    If you really want to get into it, think about it, the logo is 32x32, and the text takes up (width-wise) about 30% of that, let's be generous and say that's 11 pixels. You can't comfortably fit 3 letters with an outline in 11 pixels and make them readable. Even photoshop limits smallest font...
  9. Shadowsong

    New TFS logo / icon

    You keep reiterating that TFS is readable but seriously it's not, not even on 32x32, and barely on 64x64. On that one, it could benefit from a darker outline. I think it's better without the shades too.
  10. Shadowsong

    New TFS logo / icon

    I think you could even remove the text TFS from the nut, it gets in the way of recognizing the squirrel is holding a nut on smaller dimensions and the text becomes unreadable anyway. I really like this one.
  11. Shadowsong

    Windows Linux Running on Windows

    At this point it might be better to use Docker for such purposes since it also updated recently to be able to use WSL2 if on Windows10 host (works on Home version too), and even if Microsoft decides to drop support, dockerized project would still run (on whatever other virtualization you provide). 🤔
  12. Shadowsong

    [TUTORIAL] How-To : Manually compile Object Builder on Windows without Flash Builder

    Yeah and OB is for half way up 10.X versions, either way, if you wanna support every single version, there is work to be done, but at least the project I linked is not built with deprecated tech
  13. Shadowsong

    [TUTORIAL] How-To : Manually compile Object Builder on Windows without Flash Builder

    Maybe have a look at this project OpenTibia - Assets Editor (https://otland.net/threads/assets-editor.273557/)
  14. Shadowsong

    [TUTORIAL] How-To : Manually compile Object Builder on Windows without Flash Builder

    Because people want to make further modifications and features in the program (for example, support for newer tibia versions), and you do that by modifying the source code and compiling a new executable with those modifications.
  15. Shadowsong

    🐲 OTC StoneDrake UI by Shiva - [Free Release]

    Time is scarce these days and working on the code for this is not something I can fit on my todo list sadly, but if anyone starts doing it, I can offer advice and help with OTUI.