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    Bloodstone: the ancient curse

    The discord invite link seems to be broken, would you mind issuing a new one?
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    [FRANCE] [CUSTOM] Sands of Time - Alpha Phase - 29Nov

    Looks very interesting, looking forward to trying it out.
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    [England][8.54] The Lost Lands - the Terror of Nestor Horne

    Seems like a very good server to play on, do you guys have a discord server or any potential means to communicate with you in a reasonable manner about reporting bugs and such?
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    [Germany][Custom] Ruthless Chaos Season 4

    The howling wind is the harbinger of news 👀 👀
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    What makes Tibia special over other games?

    1. Really simple but solid and enjoyable gameplay. 2. Its pretty easly customable, making the gaming experience familiar throughout different servers, but also allowing every one of them to have its own unique features. 3. The most unique way to solve mysteries and puzzles is the way its done in...
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    [France] Catalysium - Beta [10.97-10.98] Custom Server - OFFLINE

    I hope someone responsible gets ahold of the server, fun times.
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    [Canada] [Custom] Kingdom Age (Official release - 2019)

    I vaguely remember testing this ot, was pretty a pretty fun experience but it was missing quests and tasks as far as i remember. I dont think that launching a server with "3 missions?" is a great move, but i guess it depends on your schedule and plans so cant really do anything about that. Gonna...
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    [Germany][Custom] Ruthless Chaos Season 4

    It is being developed, i think its mostly done and they are putting the finishing touches, probably waiting for a suitable time to launch it
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    Fenris - Alternate Tibia Server (A legacy from Thronar)

    Glad to hear that you are alive.
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    World of Therran - Official Discussion Thread

    you wot m8
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    Thanatos - [Custom] - Discussion

    Look at all of dem new members, it seems that there is an adventure ahead soon enough :D
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    World of Therran - Official Discussion Thread

    shh i saw mackan secretly mapping behind your backs
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    [USA] [Custom] [OTC] Shadow Realm Online - Relaunch 15/August/2019 10am PT

    5 hours from now if im not mistaken