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  1. slaw

    [MyAAC][Plugin] Gesior Shop System

    Move file system/pages/admin/gifts.php To admin/pages folder
  2. slaw

    MyAAC v0.8.6

    The Question: what should I do? What do you need? The Question is general about MyAAC. I need to accomulate thoughts.
  3. slaw

    [MyAAC][Plugin][Template] Tibiaold

    Hey, take this:
  4. slaw

    MyACC Gesior shop new category and no image item

    1. Post the code on pastebin.com 2. What do you see if you right click on image -> Inspect. You should see something like this:
  5. slaw

    TalkAction Bounty Hunters System (Player Hunt System)

    Soo, whats the problem? You shouldn't run the page from command line, that doesn't work, because it needs other files to run.
  6. slaw

    how to show assist in myacc lastkills.php

    This is how it works in TFS 1.2. Table structure is very simple: it saves only killed_by and mostdamage_by. But the script in MyAAC is showing only killed_by, so we can fix it. Still, it will display only 2 values, better than nothing tho, right? ;) If you want to add mostdamage_by, follow...
  7. slaw

    AAC [MyAAC] [TFS 1.2] Character Auctions

    ye, accidentally cut some ending 😅 But luckily there are some specialists that found it. Thanks @Ramon Bernardo Link updated.
  8. slaw

    AAC yelp namelock myaac

    OTS_Player.php: public function isNamelocked() { $query = $this->db->select('player_namelocks', ['player_id' => $this->data['id']]); return $query !== false; } Then in twig: {% for player in account_logged.getPlayersList() %} {% if player.isNamelocked() %} <option value="{{...
  9. slaw

    AAC [MyAAC] [TFS 1.2] Character Auctions

    You can try this, one user gave me and allowed to share: https://gist.github.com/slawkens/3cce6a075353fc6f2dd4ddf70fe7388a
  10. slaw

    TFS 1.X+ Key.pem struggling

    Thanks for explanation, might help others suffering same issue.
  11. slaw

    TFS 1.X+ player_deaths stores only one death per player

    Oh I see, missed that one. Also I didn't knew what that symbol color means until I opened phpmyadmin. So its self explaining ;)
  12. slaw

    TFS 1.X+ player_deaths stores only one death per player

    I understand, but he is using original SQL table from TFS, and also almost unmodified script. So the reason needs to be somewhere else.
  13. slaw

    TFS 1.X+ Key.pem struggling

    So what was his solution, because he didn't post any links? 🤣
  14. slaw

    TFS 1.X+ player_deaths stores only one death per player

    I think it might be some other script interfering with your player_deaths table. Search for "player_deaths" in your lua scripts, maybe some other script is deleting your deaths. Other option you can check, is to log if query is executed. To do so, after: local playerGuid = player:getGuid()...
  15. slaw

    MyAAC v0.8.6

    It works in both, because rules are defined in index.php Just redirect all to index.php, it's easy in nginx