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    [MyAAC][Plugin][Template] Old School layout

    This is because the config.ini is cached, that means any changes you do there, needs to be refreshed. A quick work-around for this would be adding this line at the end of: system/template.php $cache->delete('template_ini_' . $template_name);
  2. slaw

    MyAAC v0.8.7

    You can use tools like WinMerge to compare files and update accordingly. If you didn't change any files, then you can also simple copy and paste files into your old directory.
  3. slaw

    AAC Error to creat a new character with a new vocations.

    Did it worked?
  4. slaw

    AAC Error to creat a new character with a new vocations.

    Try to change this in config.php // new character config 'character_samples' => array( // vocations, format: ID_of_vocation => 'Name of Character to copy' 1 => 'Warrior' ), Change 1 to 0.
  5. slaw

    Myaac add new categorys

    If you wish, I can try to help you through team viewer, because without seeing the code and changes you did, its hard to judge. If you want - write me on discord: slawkens#7932 1668546843 ok so the problem was with the twig cache not being refreshed in admin panel explained through team viewer
  6. slaw

    Myaac add new categorys

    Might be stupid question, but did you cleared cache in admin panel after that change in admin-offers-add.html.twig? This is supposed to display that itemid fields. Another thing worth noticing, did you wrote that same in database? I mean case-sensitive, like this? (notice the small letters)
  7. slaw

    AAC SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '91229-101' for key 'player_id_2'

    More info needed. What distribution? I mean server you're using. Also what might be useful to know: what myaac version, just to be sure.
  8. slaw

    AAC Myacc shop error

    If it exists, but console says something different - then maybe it exist in different database? Nothing else comes to my mind.
  9. slaw

    AAC Editing website (MyAcc)

    1. Remove facebook here: (index.php) 2. Remove background image: You need to edit background file: images/bg.png Here's the same file as photoshop project for easier edit: https://github.com/slawkens/myaac-plugins/blob/master/old-school-template/templates/old-school/images/bg.psd
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    Myaac add new categorys

    You are missing some parts in the code. 1. In system/libs/shop-system.php In function private static function parseOffer($_offer) { After: case 'item': Add case 'support items'; 2. In system/templates/gesior-shop-system/gifts.html.twig Change: {% if offer.type == "item" or...
  11. slaw

    AAC Editing website (MyAcc)

    It's actually pretty simple: just copy account.management.html.twig from tibiacom folder (templates/tibiacom) into your template folder. Then (eventually) clear cache in admin panel.
  12. slaw

    AAC Is the loading time of MyACC normal?

    Hi, that's because of the server status. Website connects with your server and waits 2 seconds for the answer. But your server is offline, so it does it every time the website reloads. You can turn your server on, and then you will see blazing fast load time. Another solution is to change...
  13. slaw

    MyAAC Global Layout

    Please take into consideration, before installing this version of MyAAC, that it has been exclusively made for otservbr server, and has been mostly tested with it. Most of the problems I see in this thread are caused by using an another engine (other than otservbr/canary).
  14. slaw

    AAC Storage Myaac

    This is how storage in players are done: they are saved after logout, and loaded on login. You can also save player anytime you wish, by using in lua: doPlayerSave(cid) or player:save() for tfs 1.3+ You can save after doPlayerSetStorageValue().
  15. slaw

    AAC Monster of the day - Image on default Page (Gesior 2012)

    1. First, execute this in your database at phpmyadmin: INSERT INTO server_config (config, value) VALUES("boosted_creature", "demon") 2. Then, in that onStartup() script add at the end (just before last "end") db.query("UPDATE `server_config` SET `value` = " ...