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    Cannot exec './Matt': No such file or directory

    hmmmmmmmm No such file or directory? But the file exists! ( Running executable file: No such file or directory (
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    C++ Player WalkTrough player in pz

    No, that's not the solution. However; I've managed to solve this by calling .. g_game.updateCreatureImpassable(this); .. in player.cpp inside "onWalk","addExperience","removeExperience","canWalktrough"
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    Lua CreatureScript executes multiple times

    @Xikini , thank you alot for your time. I will probably consider changing the loops. But when i changed to return false instead of return true ( in original script ), it didnt repeat the code. :D
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    Linux Player Can walk through NPCs

    I have read the npc.cpp file and found out an attribute called "walkable", so i have tried to add it on each npc i can walk through and set the value to 0 as following: Before: <npc name="Gorn" ... > After (works): <npc walkable="0" name="Gorn" ... >