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  1. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ Check x players for x storage? TFS 1.3

    Try this local cfg = { topLeft = Position(1, 1, 1), bottomRight = Position(2, 2, 2) } -- local playersTable = {} local storageKey = 123456 for z = cfg.topLeft.z, cfg.bottomRight.z do for y = cfg.topLeft.y, cfg.bottomRight.y do for x = cfg.topLeft.x, cfg.bottomRight.x do...
  2. Snavy

    RevScripts TFS[1.3] action revscript lever shop(cant get it to work)

    I see several things; change shopitem = shop[item.aid], to shopItem = shop[item:getActionId()], reference: https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/master/src/luascript.cpp#L2178 The following line will not work as you expect for two reasons itemType = ItemType(ShopItem.id), a)...
  3. Snavy

    error when trying to create a character

    rank_id missing from players table
  4. Snavy

    Lua Error Script

    change if player:isPlayer() then to if player then
  5. Snavy

    Solved Character does not save error

  6. Snavy

    Summon tp to pz

    Yes, you need to compile sources after editing.
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    C++ Error Consola

  8. Snavy

    AAC How to make a still background ?

    Looks like you have kept inline style attribute, remove that part. <div id="ArtworkHelper" style="background-image:url(<?PHP echo $layout_name; ?>/images/header/background-artwork.jpg);" > change to: <div id="ArtworkHelper"> css: body { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; background-color...
  9. Snavy

    Summon tp to pz

    L510-513 seems unrelated to your problem. L495-508 is what you should remove. have you re-compiled after removing those lines?
  10. Snavy

    AAC How to make a still background ?

    Remove this style="background-image:url(<?PHP echo $layout_name; ?>/images/header/background-3.jpg);background-attachment: fixed;" add this to body in css file background-image: url('/layouts/tibiacom/images/header/background-3.jpg'); background-position: top center; background-attachment...
  11. Snavy

    Summon tp to pz

    maybe this part https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global/blob/afd9b13f49b23de84bb525f145390e23afc1db24/src/creatures/creature.cpp#L496
  12. Snavy

    RevScripts [1.3]Make this script deley to use 1s

    set storage to player. example: local setting = { [25377] = {count = 2}, [25172] = {count = 1} } local config = { usageStorage = 898321, nextUseDelay = 1 -- seconds } local tibiaCoin = Action() function tibiaCoin.onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey)...
  13. Snavy

    [RME] [1.3] Trash/Item - block

    you could make use of onMoveItem https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global/blob/f5049e40c09ce051ea4e1109f2c5c70afefee84e/data/events/scripts/player.lua#L316 EDIT: Have you tried placing void tile under the preview items.
  14. Snavy

    Action [1.3] BattleCity 🔥

    You were supposed to add them in RME manually xD they won't be created on server start. yes, they should be repaired after the game.
  15. Snavy

    Action [1.3] BattleCity 🔥

    try replacing :isMovementBlocked and :setMovementBlocked with :isMoveLocked and :setMoveLocked