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    OpenTibia OTLauncher + AutoUpdater

    I do not recommend you guys to use this stuff, better try to create your very own launcher + updater than this thing...
  2. StreamSide

    Old Quests and Rooms? (From Cipsoft leaked files)

    I remember using this to hunt/catch people back in 7.5-7.6, exiva and this, poggers.
  3. StreamSide

    TFS 1.2 and Events.xml

    I cant understand what you mean, sorry.
  4. StreamSide

    TFS 1.2 and Events.xml

    those functions/callbacks were added after the 1.2 release so you need to add it by youself or simply use 1.4 <3
  5. StreamSide

    Wtf How to download file? on github.

    then press code then press download zip
  6. StreamSide

    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    ok so time to learn Rust
  7. StreamSide

    Closed tabs on layout

    cant see the files but thats js related.
  8. StreamSide

    C++ Programming: Someone can export MiniMap to Min Please // By Complete All Floor 0x15

    and why the link shortener lmao (or thats an otland feature? O_O)
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    Lua randomize calculations in lua

    math.random(-10, 10)
  10. StreamSide

    Proxy Tunnel Solution | With Client IP Passthrough

    pretty cool, thanks for this guide.
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    Lua TFS 1.3 hunting trap spell

  12. StreamSide

    OpenTibia OT Monster Converter

  13. StreamSide

    OVH are messing up?

    that screen is no related to some 504 so idk what you talking about
  14. StreamSide

    Decreases damage for each attack

    its a little bit tricky to work with spells and do stuff like that, but one thing you can do (and the only one in my mind right now) is to use storage values, something like. ... if isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid)) then -- tfs 0.3 - 0.4 isnt it...