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    Custom Map

    because you are in showoff
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    Open Tibia machine learning projects

    this is a pretty cool idea but what kind of stuff are you going to teach the monsters? like attacking the lowest hp player? I think thats something Tibia already do (adding more intelligence to monsters) but what kind of information can we obtain from players.
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    Tibia's most mysterious boss of all times - Samael [Article by Mogh]

    this is pretty cool indeed, need more information
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    A servers list that stores players

    I was going to say that :(
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    [TFS 1.x] Procedural Cave Generation

    sick contribution well done and interesting video series also
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    TFS 1.X+ Ghazbaran onStartUp

    is there even a setMasterPos? because it should be ok as I said, there is no setmasterpos for monster so the nil error is because of that
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    TFS 1.X+ Ghazbaran onStartUp

    you have this error because you trying to access some value that does not exist, you only have friday and as this script check by day, if there is no day it means it is a null value so you trying to use a null value while creating the monster tldr: local config = { ['Friday'] = {...
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    Programmer Adding Tutor, Senior Tutor and Community Manager to engine (PAID - ASAP)

    try debugging your groups but maybe it is some account group id problem?
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    Job exp rate explanation

    lmao we need some kind of advice below the name to check if there is any report of being a scammer
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    TFS 1.X+ How to read a specific part of item description?

    you can also use the string just one time and loop over with the lua regex pattern thats why I asked for the description but now I think I dont need it lol
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    TFS 1.X+ How to read a specific part of item description?

    I dont really know never tried something like that, let me check Can you paste the full description of your item, so I dont have to test ingame
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    TFS 1.X+ How to read a specific part of item description?

    you can use string match to find the ocurrence but I dont think I understand why would you want just the [MoveSpeed] you can check if there is any text in brackets or just check if there is any "MoveSpeed" between brackets in text like local str = "you see a something. it has [MoveSpeed] and a...
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    [Mod] Sound System

    while checking the otclient sources you can set audio volume using setGain so you can do cool stuff there