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  1. Summ

    What "killed" RL Tibia for YOU?

    Training weapons were a huge factor. Experience boosts and the prey system did not help either. Overall the sum of all updates showed that Cipsoft is not capable of saving the game anymore. It might be fun for a short while, but sooner or later you will realize there is no depth to the game...
  2. Summ

    C++ Remove OTSYS_TIME in code

    Alright, so you are not setting a timeout if a potion is used. However, the problem you are facing is that the server still checks for a timeout when using runes and potions. I assume that you are able to spam potions without cooldown with the changes you have provided (not sure if that is...
  3. Summ

    C++ Remove OTSYS_TIME in code

    What am I missing here? Do you ever clarify why you do not want to use the function OTSYS_TIME? If this is your end goal, you are free to remove the function call, but it will obviously not work as you have already figured out. What is your actual goal with this and why is OTSYS_TIME a problem?
  4. Summ

    Broken effects drawing.

    Effects used to be drawn like this and that's also the reason for the implementation. Items can have action and unique ids since OTC can be used as a framework for other tools.
  5. Summ

    Encryption Challenge

    As @Alpha said, this is pretty pointless. You are creating an artificial scenario in which the attacker is lacking the actual client binary (and all other client files for that matter).
  6. Summ

    TFS 1.X+ Set uniqueid to created item

    Use action ids instead of unique ids.
  7. Summ

    TFS 1.X+ Set uniqueid to created item

  8. Summ

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - December Voting Thread

    Very difficult choice between (3) and (6). I ended up voting for (6), but those are great pieces by everyone.
  9. Summ

    OTClient change outfit from lua script

    It is likely that whatever server you are using requires you to request the outfits list before changing your outfit. If you don't do this, requests to change the outfit will simply be ignored. The corresponding function is g_game.requestOutfit().
  10. Summ

    GhostMode for Gods

    https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/c7bef1519a5040eb82d4923005602b0e026f7d96/src/game.cpp#L3675-L3677 This check causes players in ghost mode to block all hits. You could change it so it only blocks all hits if the player is a gm/god. Afterwards, you should be able to add a health...
  11. Summ

    Reload sprites after re-log

    Currently the sprites are loaded whenever you change the client version (edubart/otclient). If you use a module that automatically changes the IP and client version to those of your server, then this usually only happens once. You can create a new module and load the sprites when the player logs...
  12. Summ

    TFS 1.X+ raid globalevent tfs 1.3 summon wrong amount

    It is only "safe" given that the area in which you try to spawn the monsters is big enough. If you try to spawn 2000 monsters in a 5x5 area, all tiles will be filled up shortly and since the scripts check for the amount of creatures on the tiles it will fail to spawn more. Also, even if the area...
  13. Summ

    TFS 1.X+ Changing permanently character speed

    otland/forgottenserver player:changeSpeed(bonusSpeed)
  14. Summ

    TFS 1.X+ Changing permanently character speed

    I think the method is called player:changeSpeed and it does not permanently apply this change to the player's speed. Consequently, you have to remember how much "dexterity" the player has (or the amount of extra speed) and apply the speed change again in an onLogin creature script.
  15. Summ

    TFS 1.X+ father's burden action corpses problem tfs 1.3

    Maybe you are using storage 3007 somewhere else.