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    [PHP] Website - Showing correct house image/photo/screenshot

    <img src="./images/house/' . $house['id'] . '.jpg" alt="house image" />
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    Update item.otb

    For people without brain download and test on your server ! If works have fun if not delete :D @malucooo update your otx too
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    Tibia 11.32 support tfs 1.3

    You need lasted client with lasted codes to enter with 11.32 to 11.42
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    Attributtes doesnt work!!! why?!

    req movements too
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    Program to extract Tibia 11 sprites

    GitHub - Auscent/Tibia-11-SpriteDump: Simple tool to dump the LZMA compressed sprite sheets from the Tibia 11 client to PNG images. Help me to pack again images xD