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    GhostMode for Gods

    You need yo go Mordor jajaja idnow but is a godd idea lol
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    (Spain) - Huntera RLmap - Low rated - Antibot Client 11x

    Server with change of hosting, if it now performs as expected, as regards the testing of quiet creatures, it is already well done and compared as RL, since few of those here can do it.
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    (Spain) - Huntera RLmap - Low rated - Antibot Client 11x

    All the features of the server have been tested taking into account the original server, l using characters of level more than 500, so were tested ferumbras and all Otherworld creatures.
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    (Spain) - Huntera RLmap - Low rated - Antibot Client 11x

    Start a new season as the new year came and the server suffered a lot with the loss of players. With that said I would like to say a few things: New Island Revuul The server is completely stable and updatable as the months go We always have a backup of all "/Data" We will work to adjust the...
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    [FR] KearaOT 7.7 Mid Rates

    Recomended Server, This is like a good spanish people doing good ots! <3
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    Hacker gesior Acc 1.0

    necesitas mas proteccion, y una website buena no la mierda de myacc
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    (Poland) HunteraOT - RLmap 11 - Imbuements stack - New hunting zones - Start 1/2/2018

    Bump reset server, and gived 250 tc for all accounts to start stronger (We did this to start over again since the server was dead and was no-pvp, now it's pvp) For old accounts have extra 250 tibia coins in your balance to continue playing with us.