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    OTU - OpenTibiaUnity - A new TibiaClient based on Unity3D engine

    Rest in peace, brother.
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    AAC New DDos in tibia`s site and Extortion

    Also good to mention, there are companies out there scanning entire IP ranges to figure out goes what where, and who it belongs to etc. Which could easily expose your origin IP address. . (such as Home • Censys (https://censys.io)). But can be easily combated if you only allow these IP ranges to...
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    AAC New DDos in tibia`s site and Extortion

    I can do so if someone from the mod team approves it. Don't want to get on their bad side again after being so good the past few years.
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    AAC New DDos in tibia`s site and Extortion

    There is one way to kill web-servers using Apache, I don't think it's allowed to post a link here, but yeah, the best solution is to either use Nginx or set some strict keep-alive policy.
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    [Germany] Evolunia 10.98. BETA ONGOING

    I am amazed you're still going strong almost 3 years later. Good job. Too bad that I've lost interest in Tibia, otherwise I would have given it a try. :D
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    Happy New Year, OTLand!🎆

    Happy new years everyone!!
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    World of Therran - Discussion Thread

    Does my NPC still exist
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    Suggestion Improve the 2FA verification process

    Ah that sucks, thank you though.
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    Suggestion Improve the 2FA verification process

    Every 30 days OTLand asks me to write in a 2FA code, and I find it bit annoying considering I've never had to do that anywhere else I use 2FA. I was wondering if it was possible to get rid of it all together, or increase it to every 6 months or something, thanks. ):
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    Gunzodus Team

    Didn't get mentioned, I feel slightly hurt!
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    OtLand Re-opening Staff Recruitment Board

    Wish everyone best of luck with their applications. 🧡
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    Tibia 11+ Downgrade tool

    Thank you for the release & giving proper credits, not something you see around here very often. ❤
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    OpenTibia Discord Server

    I'll take a look, even though I am not the most active person within the OT community any more.
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    Looking for people!

    @Damon HalfAway is indeed the biggest thief there is to find.