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  1. tekadon2

    Programmer [MapEditor] Develop a simple map editor.

    I'm developing a game but I'm not very patient to create a map editor The map editor must be very simple, you should get images in a folder, similar to the RME work Then you should put it in a window with categories, in which I can choose the sprite and add it in a large I developed one on...
  2. tekadon2

    Graphic Designer [Sprites] Develop a sprite package for an Indie game

    I am developing an Indie MMORPG on Unity Engine and I am looking for freelancers to develop my game sprites are on average 30 outfits as well as scenery items such as water, grass, trees, walls and etc. You can contact and make available a portfolio with recent works.
  3. tekadon2

    Iven's Arttxel thread(Bestiary)

    Rest in peace my friend @xmiller 😭
  4. tekadon2

    TFS 1.X+ Function that checks if the player is approaching X area

    A few hours ago I was trying to create a function in which it returns the player's proximity to a certain place as a percentage. Example: Player 70% to go to X position. It would be something like this. No need returns with the% sign just the value is enough. Thank you :)
  5. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    My personal MMORPG project
  6. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    Recently I finished the otclient support system for SPR 64x64 and object builder 64x64
  7. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    I'm accepting new jobs already. :) I am with my computer again, but I have been 4 months without pc so I am updating myself to go back with everything.
  8. tekadon2

    Compiling Adding new spell effects source tfs 1.3

    I'm having the same problem, I've done all the modifications but the spells only show effects until 255. The! Z command uses the command to the maximum.
  9. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    I thank you @Stigma for alerting me that sales of pre-made products are not allowed.
  10. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    Funny that 98% of people in this forum use cipsoft sprites. Some use all cipsoft sprites. There the friend makes irony `` ` Will he sell PokeXGames trees and other nature things too? Good plan XDDD Let me steal some work and sell it for money. This is a very cool idea. I ask. The water of the...
  11. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    When I decrypted your client, I promised that I would not sell or pass on to someone else. I fulfill my words friend. And according to what I said, he did not say he would sell his sprites. I said I was thinking of selling servers as a basis for games RPG
  12. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    @Sajgon I told you long ago that your encryption was weak. And apparently it's not just me who knew it.