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tetra20's best answers

  1. tetra20

    Solved Monsters get experience and kill other monsters. TFS 0,4

    creature.cpp change void Creature::addDamagePoints(Creature* attacker, int32_t damagePoints) { uint32_t attackerId = 0; if(attacker) attackerId = attacker->getID(); CountMap::iterator it = damageMap.find(attackerId); if(it != damageMap.end()) { it->second.ticks...
  2. tetra20

    Solved C++ or LUA Check if player is wearing 2 weapons, if so INCREASE MONSTER DAMAGE

    if (target->getPlayer() && target->getPlayer()->getInventoryItem(SLOT_LEFT) && target->getPlayer()->getInventoryItem(SLOT_LEFT)->isWeapon()&& target->getPlayer()->getInventoryItem(SLOT_RIGHT) && target->getPlayer()->getInventoryItem(SLOT_RIGHT)->isWeapon() && attacker &&...
  3. tetra20

    Register creatureevent to all monsters

    There is 2 Ways.Both Are Source Edits For Monsters 1-http://otland.net/threads/creatureevent-regestire-all-monster-and-players-in-creatureevent-xml.134003/ 2-in monster.cpp Edit This Line for(StringVec::iterator it = mType->scriptList.begin(); it != mType->scriptList.end(); ++it) {...
  4. tetra20

    spawn monster

    spawnMonster(it->first, sb.mType, sb.pos, sb.direction, 4200); bool Spawn::spawnMonster(uint32_t spawnId, MonsterType* mType, const Position& pos, Direction dir, int16_t t, bool startup /*= false*/) { Monster* monster = Monster::createMonster(mType); if(!monster) return...