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    TFS 1.3 SSA Consuming Charges on Atk

    Hey everyone, As stated in title, I'm using TFS 1.3, and for some reason that I can't figure out why, Stone Skin Amulets are using charges while attacking with a wand/rod of death element. To be clear, its not consuming charges of the player being attacked, but of the player wearing the SSA...
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    OTClient Latest TFS + Mehah Otclient (12.85)

    thank you!
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    Lua Oberon dialog

    Try this, but of course I would edit the loot chance, damage etc for your server as you see fit. local asking = { [1] = {msg = "You appear like a worm among men!"}, [2] = {msg = "The world will suffer for its iddle laziness!"}, [3] = {msg = "People fall at my feet when they see me...