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Recent content by wiccan

  1. wiccan

    Action Annhilator Quest(with bear in box and real positions)

    yes! very very very better... using loop please. using loop you decrease the amount of yown the script. using tables please. using tables you organize the script again that is much better.
  2. wiccan

    function string.iupper(s)

    é isso ae notorious. ficou bom essa função.
  3. wiccan

    MoveEvent Advanced Training Tile

    do not let the variables space consuming ram. use loops and tables.
  4. wiccan

    I need one line command.

    thank man closed the post
  5. wiccan

    I need one line command.

    Hello people. I need to give me a line command to modify the storage of a player in the database. him being off line. player_storage player_id = 25 key = 500 value = -1
  6. wiccan


  7. wiccan

    GlobalEvent Automated Database Cleanup 1.1, the solution for inactive players

    modify the script for the way it is can only be used in mysql.
  8. wiccan

    The best vip system functions [ vip for account! ]

    great script. very nice.
  9. wiccan

    [Function] Advanced add backpack {little bugs}

    so why not? easier and reduces a lot the script.
  10. wiccan

    GlobalEvent Automated Database Cleanup 1.1, the solution for inactive players

    you are using the "return" the wrong way in this function. is not wrong to do so but when it comes to a function we need to use the return, it would generate an error occurred because the return argument can not be built within "scopos". not everything can be built that way all returning.
  11. wiccan

    Action Fully Working Inquisition Quest For 0.2.5

    do everything in one script.