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    TFS 1.2 8.0

    nice client, can you post?
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    what version of tibia.exe can i use with this spr/dat?
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    [How-to] Modal Windows

    i can use modal windows with npc's?
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    Windows How i can decomp

    How i can decomp a GFX file from an old client of Zezenia?
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    tfs 10.20

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    [8.60] DBRelated 1.2 Site + Data + Sources

    you can release the dat/spr files?
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    tfs 10.20

    i don't like the newer versions, sorry. U can help me?
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    tfs 10.20

    where a i found a tfs protocol 10.20 with sources/datapack?
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    [Request] TFS 1.0 Reborn NPC

    need a NPC that only the zero level of the character, and add an amount of hp / mp and a new vocation . also need a npc that replace xxxx item for xxxx mount.
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    [TFS 1.1] Outfit Bonuses

    works 1.0 / 10-40?
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    Quest Log

    How to quests in the quest log ?
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    [10.40] Mystera 5(aka EvoRPG) final release

    Nice, thanks. u can find the source?
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    Selling Wote, The New Frontier, Children Revolution

    Selling Wote, The New Frontier, Children Revolution, Real Global Missions 100% With: Zao Full.otb --- RL POSITION Quests.log 100% 100% Tested 3x I open my server for test.. I'll put more pictures here soon as I get home. Only 2x Copys Wrath...