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  1. Xikini

    Lua 7.6 How to make a NPC who changes outfits for Players?

    Okay then. Post the script that is attached to /outfit
  2. Xikini

    Solved How to make a Custom Amulet of Loss? |TFS 1.3| |8.6|

    You'd want to edit droploot.lua https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/master/data/creaturescripts/scripts/droploot.lua
  3. Xikini

    After almost a decade I returned to Tibia

    Those items that sell really well to other players are for the imbuements that last for 20 hours. Costs a fuck-ton of gold, and a fuck-ton of creature products from monsters nobody wants to hunt. xD
  4. Xikini

    After almost a decade I returned to Tibia

    I think if you play Tibia without pvp, it's quite fun now. Me and my friend started a play-through awhile ago, where we restricted ourselves into basically playing it in offline mode, ignoring other players. This meant that we had to actually utilize npc shops, as we could only upgrade our...
  5. Xikini

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 Timer for quest lever

    Just figured I'd pop in and give a solution to the original request, even though an alternative solution was suggested. local configQuest = { actionId = 901, players = { -- Positions where players are standing to enter Tile(3051, 1828, 8), Tile(3051, 1829, 8)...
  6. Xikini

    After almost a decade I returned to Tibia

    I'm pretty sure there is a significant experience boost until level 50 now, so yes, it is easier. xP
  7. Xikini

    RevScripts Vocation changing bug

    Oh, I see. Change your return false's to return true's If you're using an object in onUse, return false is not a good thing to use. If you're using a talkaction, then return false is good to use, so that words don't show up in chat channel.
  8. Xikini

    RevScripts Vocation changing bug

    Most likely the script is erroring. If you don't see an error in console when using the item, it probably errored during start-up of the server. For everything else, I'd suggest putting prints into the script, and figure out exactly where it stops. If it's skipping past an if statement that it...
  9. Xikini

    RevScripts Vocation changing bug

    It seems that the entire promotion system was tossed away in favour of only vocation changes. I don't see a way to set a promotion inside of the sources anymore. While they are very similar, promotions were specifically tied into the premium features, where if you lost premium, you also were...
  10. Xikini

    Lua Raid Open Teleport

    Since you didn't mention your server version, I've made it for TFS 1.3, using revscripts. local config = { raidTime = "7:30:00", -- 0:00:00 to 23:59:59 remainTime = 60, -- how long until teleporter disappears (in seconds) teleporterPosition = Position(32343, 32220, 7)...
  11. Xikini

    Lua 7.6 How to make a NPC who changes outfits for Players?

    I don't understand why you'd want the npc to change appearance though. Wouldn't the player be the one getting it's appearance changed? Beyond that, you have it backwards. xD You're taking the number and inputting the name.. where you should be taking the monster name and converting it into a...
  12. Xikini

    TFS 0.X Exori with wand element

    GetWandElement(item1.itemid, item2.itemid) I don't know if .itemid works in this scenario. A better/ more proper way would be to do item1:getId() In both cases, you should confirm that the item exists before attempting to grab information from it though. xP -- Anyway none of this will work...
  13. Xikini

    The state of this community

    +1 for progenitors
  14. Xikini

    Lua Skill scroll based on used weapon

    I'm all for being proved wrong, but what would your code even accomplish? Every skill is greater then -1 by default.
  15. Xikini

    Help to use slotPosition

    Nice! I kinda want to see what the solution ending up being. xD