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  1. XKuzirashi

    Shikate - Pixelart

    Christmas in Return of the Saiyans 👀
  2. XKuzirashi

    Shirako ~Spriting Thread~

    That's a very quick progress, your mapping skills have a highly positive impact on the learning process and the design of the objects. I recommend Tiled for creating maps with your custom sprites, you can upload the whole spritesheet very quickly and instantly start mapping to see how they do!
  3. XKuzirashi

    I am depressed

    It seems like lots of unfortunate events happened to you in a short time and you have a total right to feel the way you do. Don't bring yourself down because of your emotions - it's not weakness to have a hard time in your life. What definitely helps is understanding and support, preferably from...
  4. XKuzirashi

    Shikate - Pixelart

    Universe II is starting today at 6 pm CET! I welcome you to join in and try out the game. There are hundreds of my sprites waiting to be seen! Link to the site: Return Of The Saiyans (https://saiyansreturn.com/) Here are pixelart avatars for the brand new group and war systems: Thanks for...
  5. XKuzirashi

    Shikate - Pixelart

    Two ads I've done (using my sprites) for Return of the Saiyans! https://saiyansreturn.com/ First version: Second version: :)
  6. XKuzirashi

    [Canada] [Custom] Return of the Saiyans 06.01.2020 at 18:00 CET!

    So yeah... the project I've been working on for years has launched and I encourage all of you to check it out! You can see lots of my custom sprites (but keep in mind that not 100% of them are mine ;)). See you in the game!
  7. XKuzirashi

    [1 Month] Naruto Server from scratch

    @Edit Yup, @Perun used to buy many custom sprites from other artists and I also made a few sprites for him.
  8. XKuzirashi

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    I love how he's dark yet all the details are still distinguishable. Amazing dragon :D
  9. XKuzirashi

    JG's Gallery

    Welcome! Many people might not recognize you yet because of the young gallery but they have to know that you are totally a top-notch artist. I hope you will show more sprites here showing what you are capable of! Good luck with everything :)
  10. XKuzirashi

    Hover Sprites Thread

    Not sure why would you recolor my old robe and treat it as completely yours. Here's proof: You could at least give credits or you simply have no respect for people who watch your gallery and measure YOUR progress.
  11. XKuzirashi

    Shikate - Pixelart

  12. XKuzirashi

    Sprites by Saphron

    Although the choice of some textures is invalid (like intersection of the tree), I generally like how creative you are and able to design some interesting atmospheres, especially the 4th photo with the bridge which is really good. It's also worth noting that the sprites get bigger and bigger and...
  13. XKuzirashi

    Some sort of pixel gallery

    Amazing job. I love the colors and can't wait till winter thanks to this work :)