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  1. XouruS

    Buying real tibia account (open pvp is a must)

    good price but u could be a scammer. also ed/ms :(
  2. XouruS

    Buying real tibia account (open pvp is a must)

    anyone? even 250~ ed/ms
  3. XouruS

    Buying real tibia account (open pvp is a must)

    Im looking for a lvl 260-300+ master sorcerer or elder druid on a open pvp world with decent mlvl. Character must be ready for a world transfer. Confirmation key is a must. Playing on azura with 6 of my rl friends sold my main to a rl now looking for something for myself.. got scammed twice...
  4. XouruS

    Selling Real tibia account (optional pvp)

    Selling my tibia account, World :Nerana (Optional PvP). Premium account (Your premium time expires at Jul 25 2012, 03:24:10 CEST.) Can be transferred to another optional pvp world. NO R-KEY! . The account has never been warned! Some of the characters have gold/ itmes. Total...
  5. XouruS

    Buying [Pacera/Pythera] Buying Real account.

    58ed azura
  6. XouruS

    Selling Mapping Service

    recommended for sure, gets the work done fast :)
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    did, thanks.
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    like utito tempo, but adds magic level ty
  9. XouruS

    Amulet of Loss in .lua code needed

    myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad.
  10. XouruS

    Amulet of Loss in .lua code needed

    function onSay(cid, words, param) if doPlayerRemoveMoney(cid,10000) == true then doPlayerAddItem(cid,2173,1) doSendMagicEffect(getPlayerPosition(cid),12) doCreatureSay(cid,'AOL',TALKTYPE_ORANGE_1) doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid,22,"You've succesfully purchased an aol!") else...
  11. XouruS

    iPhone 5

    eh... probably will. pretty disappointed with the features tho.