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Recent content by XZN

  1. XZN

    Scripter Printer Services

    A very recommended scripter, Printer have been here a very long time and is respected in the community - No doubt a great choice.
  2. XZN

    Edited Evolera 10.98 Map!

    First of all, absolutely, great pieces, but looks like you use automagic abit too much - not sure if you actually do but you map like it is. Just something you can think about, otherwise, nice work :) Looking forward to see more.
  3. XZN

    Arpas' latest mapping pieces

    Back on OTLand.net! I'm finally back to Tibia after a year of inactivity - so be ready because more mapping pieces will come!
  4. XZN

    The Unknown | Mapping Thread

    That looks so sweet, the minimap is going to be sick!
  5. XZN

    [Germany][Custom] Ruthless Chaos Season 4

    I hope everything will work out fine. Goodluck with the server.
  6. XZN

    Shikate - Pixelart

    That's amazing work! Jesus.
  7. XZN


    I can't enter the website, just loading....
  8. XZN

    Apollos' Gallery

    Great work mate! :D
  9. XZN

    Remere's Map Editor Dat problem

    I'm not sure, but on my old computer, when I tried to open a world (otbm) that was huge, sick amount of gbs, my computer couldn't handle it and made RME crash. Other than that, I can't help you. (@WibbenZ, can you help this guy?)
  10. XZN

    Graphic Designer [Anevis] Offering my skills (Sprites)

    Absolutely recommended as an sprites creator. Followed his work for a couple of month before and he's trustworthy and a great guy.
  11. XZN

    [France][Custom] ArchlightOnline - New Season - Coming June 19th 2020

    Ohh, Archlight, damn... I remember years ago when this was on the way to start. You've done a great job mate, goodluck in the future!
  12. XZN

    2rec//Mapping thread

    No doubt this is so beautiful, the way you build your shit, 10/10, and I see on the latest pictures, you've added more details too, that's what I think, was the missing point in the first pictures, otherwise no complaining, keep this up mate! Remmacs recommend this thread.
  13. XZN

    Seya Theard

    Ahhh, good old times. Keep it up mate!
  14. XZN

    Arpas' latest mapping pieces

    Dradurk Hollows A lost world full of ice, snow and frost. The Dradurk Hollows once was owned by the Dwarves, now ruled by the Frost Dragons. I just started to map for the upcoming server Valor Online, more pictures will come soon. (I'm going to remake the city etc. too, so more pictures to...
  15. XZN

    PAY FOR HELP!!!!! if somone is from germany if not np HELP!

    Don't use XAMPP, use Uniform Server instead. Why it closes is because the config is not in contact with the database in phpmyadmin, I had the same problem, I changed from XAMPP to Uniform Server and it worked. Just check in the config so you have the right database name in there. Like this: --...