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    C++ Enable Monster Friendly Fire [OTX3]

    Check ReturnValue Combat::canDoCombat(Creature* attacker, Creature* target, bool aggressive) Somewhere inside this function you gonna find: } else if (attacker->getMonster()) { const Creature* targetMaster = target->getMaster(); if (!targetMaster ||...
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    Remove offline training when using bed tfs 1.3

    forgottenserver/actions.cpp at master · otland/forgottenserver · GitHub exchange this code to: if (bed->trySleep(player)) { player->setBedItem(bed); bed->sleep(player); }
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    Debug when wanna open hotkey window 8.6 (1.3 downport)

    You probably got a hotkey with a sprite id that does not exists in the tibia.dat/spr.