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  1. zbizu

    Disable Battleye Error 12.20

  2. zbizu

    Self-Made Tibia Bot project :)

    Btw if you haven't done that yet, consider your scripts to send the profits to some account that will secure the profits from being deleted with the chars.
  3. zbizu

    Self-Made Tibia Bot project :)

    Port hope crocodiles also have turtles + blood crabs on lower level and are safer to access than laguna
  4. zbizu

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3/4] Wrong SQM's/Tiles blocking?

    apply this patch for spells: https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/pull/3645
  5. zbizu

    Client 10.98 with latest sprites [10.98 with 12.70 Sprites]

    could you give example of bugged client id/effect? We need that to compare dat files.
  6. zbizu

    Transparent Floor for Action/UniqueID

    if you are using something other than destination input in the mapeditor, you need onAddItem moveevent that will move the item somewhere
  7. zbizu

    Self-Made Tibia Bot project :)

    free account: amazon camp (easy, ~1.5k/charm) forest fury (hard ~4k/hoof) pacc: ice fishing svargrond (northern pike ~70k) laguna (turtle shells ~4k + bloody pincers ~6k) banuta (ape fur ~10k) dworc voodoomasters (voodoo doll drop rate 1/800 price 800k-1kk, no one wants to hunt them and they're...
  8. zbizu

    Suggestion Remove the option to hide profile

    you need to be schizo and either write down id of every single user in existence or dig through every single snapshot on web archive
  9. zbizu

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

    from pull requests tagged as 2.0 I see: moving actions, etc. scripts to data/scripts folder handling some packets in lua some kind of API for 1.5/1.6, version 12 support along with some of its features is very likely
  10. zbizu

    Any good OTC OTUI explanations?

    why not just use css instead?
  11. zbizu

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    I like the last pic, but the water looks like walkable area from 29 or 35. Try drawing some tar or swamp instead.
  12. zbizu

    Any good OTC OTUI explanations?

    I've wrote plenty of css files, but otclient ui code is just weird. It feels as if the client itself was spiteful sometimes. Ok, both are spiteful, but css is documented better.
  13. zbizu

    delete private message ❓

    You can leave the conversation, though it doesn't delete it for the other user.
  14. zbizu

    OTClient There is no main OTClient repo?

    Nothing really stops you from donating to Mehah to support his project.
  15. zbizu

    OTClient There is no main OTClient repo?

    Go for Mehah's repo then. It's the best open source client right now