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  1. ScorpionOT

    What makes tibia fun?

    Like the title says, what made Original Tibia fun for you? This is mainly focused to the earlier versions, 7.1-8.6, as I believe they were the most entertaining, but still contained a lot of obnoxiously ever-repeating tasks, like skilling, power-leveling in order to surpass your enemies, and so...
  2. ScorpionOT

    Programmer me->send<C++, lua>(works) && me->receive(your["IRL_gp"]);

    Hey! Howdy Do! Greetings! Hola! Bem vindo! Saudades! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Hallo! If you're looking for a person who can programatically generate things such as these: Generic Fly System: generates cylinders where there are grounds placed and therein no tiles, allowing GM's or special...
  3. ScorpionOT

    Focusing console onLogin

    Greetings, I've been trying to focus the textbox area of the 'modules/game_console/console.lua' (i.e consoleTextEdit) via means of: consolePanel:show() consolePanel:focus() consoleTextEdit:show() consoleTextEdit:focus() i.e: being able to write a message and send it to server (game)...
  4. ScorpionOT

    Children of Morta

    Children of Morta: 6 Minutes of This Diablo-Meets-Pixel-Art RPG – IGN First - IGN Just found this while doing some random duckduckgo'in... I just hope it's going to be released for PC and playable with friends.
  5. ScorpionOT

    Quest System for 7.4 Realots

    -- Author: Rodrigo (Nottinghster) - (OTLand, OTFans, XTibia, OTServBR) -- Country: Brazil -- From: Tibia World RPG OldSchool -- Email: [email protected] -- Compiler: Tibia World Script Maker (Action) -- ScorpionOT -- 4360 4368 4363 quest -- 4329 pick -- 4328...
  6. ScorpionOT

    Poring Sprite

    Can anybody make a sprite like this for tibia? :D Thanks!
  7. ScorpionOT


    Have you seen the 1930's based new platformer jump'n'shooter? Check out the MattShea's playing video: Do you think 1930's graphics like this could be implemented into Tibia? XD
  8. ScorpionOT

    Donation sustained communities

    Greetings, OTLand comunity I was wondering, what is the current stance of Cipsoft on donation sustained Open-Tibia servers and what is the OT community stance on sustaining themselves through donations? Would this cause any problem, and is this commendable for a successful project? Thanks...
  9. ScorpionOT

    Cip Files

    Greetings, OTLand I have been away from the scene for a while, but I am back to my server, although the original project has been abandoned, it has been revised and revived under a different codename. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had the original 7.4/7.72 Cip files, for me to integrate...
  10. ScorpionOT

    OTs 7.6

    Whatever happened to OTS after 8.1? It's like it all went to shit. People stopped developing and just followed Cip's general role of action. All custom vocs, custom items, custom skills, faster atk rates, long quest OTs, ~paf~ disappeared All those well-elaborated constructs and battle...
  11. ScorpionOT

    [USA][7.4] ScorpionOT

    This server is realots made from avesta and tfs. - Launches on Dec 24th. SERVER INFO: Exp Rate: 5 Skill Rate: 4 Magic Rate: 2 Loot Rate: 1 Login and inform yourself with new functions in this great OTS. Dearly, Admin Net