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  1. SixNine

    TFS 1.X+ cooldown on ramp

    How can i add cooldown on ramps, saw that only stairs have cooldown (stairJumpExhaustion) but ramps doesnt. Tfs 1.2
  2. SixNine

    How can i adjust this trade talkaction and php

    TFS 1.2 Hello im using this offline player trade code that znote converted TalkAction - Offline player to player item trader (Auction System). (https://otland.net/threads/offline-player-to-player-item-trader-auction-system.51447/page-2) it would be great to adjust it so you could trade item to...
  3. SixNine

    Lua Cant figure how to teleport players when they kill creature

    TFS 1.2 How can i add teleport to x,y,z when players kill creature in this config. Tried doing myself but it was just one big failure So i would like to add something like this in local config teleport = {x = 999, y = 999, z = 7}, local config = { ['monstername'] = {needValue = 1...
  4. SixNine

    Lua Tfs 1.2 Cant manage to send text on "hi" message

    Hi so im working on this code and im confused why it doesnt send my custom text from config when it should work like a charm i think :D Ignore the part that my code looks like it was made by 9 year old and its not clean :D So when i type 'hi' he doesnt send any message just an empty text when...
  5. SixNine

    [DatabaseTasks] Back at it again with TFS 1.2 Crash

    Im not sure but death caused the crash? TFS 1.2 https://pastebin.com/R4e2ZB9v databasetask.cpp https://pastebin.com/026HDjgm
  6. SixNine

    Weird crash issue related to character.

    Im not sure if its true but as far im looking crash log points to one account that crashed the server multiple times not sure where is the issue. Sorry again if im asking for help again :D Crash log (not sure what he was doing) (TFS 1.2) https://pastebin.com/sfeeWpzZ
  7. SixNine

    getCombatValue caused global crash

    Pretty sure that no one will be able to help with it because its not a full crash log but it didnt made the crash log because crashlog wasnt setup properly but i will give it a shot maybe someone with 5head brain, had a similar error and know how to avoid this stuff again. So im using TFS 1.2...
  8. SixNine

    Ontile boolean error

    tfs 1.2 https://i.gyazo.com/a6272eaced3c664a4bcb97a7d1bbc0d9.png function onStepIn(cid, item, position, fromPosition) local level = 200 if getPlayerLevel(cid) >= level then else doTeleportThing(cid, fromPosition) doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "You...
  9. SixNine

    Upgrade weapon, cant upgrade distance weapons

    tfs 1.2 Hello so im using stones that upgrades your weapon by adding some attack. But for some reason it doesnt allow to upgrade distanced weapons and not sure how to edit the code, but i know that its this code part local itemAttack = targetItem:getAttack() local itemDefense =...
  10. SixNine

    bad argument #1 to 'find' string expected, got nill

    TFS 1.2 elseif isInArray(arrayGreetings, msg) and not npcHandler:isFocused(cid) then npcHandler:addFocus(cid) if string.find(playerGreetMessage, "|PLAYERNAME|") then --here local newMsg = string.gsub(playerGreetMessage, "|PLAYERNAME|", player:getName())...
  11. SixNine

    Fatal error on register (MYACC)

    Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'id' doesn't have a default value in C:\UniServerZ\www\system\libs\pot\OTS_Base_DB.php:101 Stack trace: #0 C:\UniServerZ\www\system\libs\pot\OTS_Base_DB.php(101): PDO->query() #1...
  12. SixNine

    Need Auto Item spawn around the map

    TFS 1.2 Spawn random item from selection every 4hours with 50% chance Should Broadcast a message that item was spawned Should remove the item after 2hours if no one picks (if possible) Should not spawn it in water or houses
  13. SixNine

    How to add broadcast type for npc

    Hi, so i made this ugly code but i cant figure out how to change broadcast type to one that send in the middle of screen since now its sends in default chat only i was looking into /b talkaction so i though maybe it just not possible i dont know. This is my code TFS 1.2 local keywordHandler =...
  14. SixNine

    [REQUEST][TFS 1.2] Spawn item around the map every X time (random)

    Need script that spawns items around the map. Should spawn just one item randomly from local so local SpawnItemRandom = {5001,5002,5003} and it picks only one item from this selection Spawns every 2hours and have 50% chance to happen Broadcast a message that item was spawned If no one picks...
  15. SixNine

    How to add text when you advance on skill

    Hello, so i need something like this, when you advance on level or magic level or any axe fighting, sword fighting etc it would send text above player something like this i will fully explain (Skill) (whats the text and colors) Level up - Level (in green) Magic Level - Magic Level (in...
  16. SixNine

    TFS 1.2 Memory leek? Linux

    Hello, so i was playing with friends and i noticed that server is going worst and worst so it happened with small ping then it went up and up and up until it reached like 1-2k and it shutdown the server so i refreshed the server everything went perfect again. I guess there is memory leak or...
  17. SixNine

    Give item talkaction for tfs 12.

    Hello, how to edit it for tfs 1,2? function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) local param = string.explode(param, ",") local item = { player = getPlayerByNameWildcard(param[1]), itemid = tonumber(param[2]), type = tonumber(param[3]), charges = 1 } local str = { "", "" }...
  18. SixNine

    On look item information doesnt appear on Server Log

    So yea usually when you press look on your item it shows You see Knight Helmet (Arm:200...) and etc but for some reason it disappeared from my server and not sure why and what i did :D TFS 1.2
  19. SixNine

    Looking For Advanced Programmer (DLL)

    Hello, Looking For DLL/Client Encrypt for 8.6 client it suppose to hash sprites and make them harder to steal something like that. Send me your price in PM.
  20. SixNine

    [8.60][1.2] Frag Bug

    Hello, so this protocol have weird bug you dont need to mark (PK) icon to get skull on player you just can cast a spell accidentally and you will get a skull. void Player::onAttackedCreature(Creature* target) { Creature::onAttackedCreature(target); if (target && target->getZone() ==...