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  1. Stanos

    [GERMANY][8.6][Dragon Ball Universe] - PVP-E

    Server Details Website: http://dbuniverse.net Discord: Join the DRAGON BALL UNIVERSE Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/DMK6TVr) Exp Rate: 1-49Lvl = 90 50-149Lvl= 80 150-299Lvl= 70 300-399Lvl= 40 400-599Lvl= 30 600Lvl= 8 Free 3 Days premium Free Travel Free Reborn Introduction Hello. So i...
  2. Stanos

    Looking for skilled programmer (TFS 1.2) storage bug

    So i got a serious problem, have no idea how to solve it or who caused it. Basically its second time when my storages fucked up first time it was one year ago and now today so looking for solution so it wont happen again. Using TFS 1.2 8.60 Ninja version i assume its something source related bug...
  3. Stanos

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2 Weird "You advanced in" numbers

    Hiho So got an weird issue and have no idea where is the problem. I will try to explain everything. So we got this: 23:57 You advanced in speed [1123854 23:57 You advanced in speed [1223854 23:57 You advanced in speed [1323854 23:57 You advanced in speed [1423854 23:57 You advanced in speed...
  4. Stanos

    Temporary graphic designer for your service [OPEN]

    こんにちは! So i got 8 days that i could invest into graphic design so if you need something contact me. Can do: 1. Logos 2. Banners 3. Image edits 4. Manipulation 5. Small works I dont want to work with huge designs like websites and etc because i dont have that much time so contact me with...
  5. Stanos

    [Germany][8.6] Dragon Ball Universe

    Ip: db-universe.com Website: DBU (http://db-universe.com) Server start: 05/03 Friday Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Hosted in: Germany Main language: English Exp Rate: Custom stages 1-49/15, 50-149/13, 150-299/11, 300-399/9, 400/3 Skill Rate: Custom Loot Rate: 1 Map: Is custom and old school (Main...
  6. Stanos

    Client change 8 bits to 16 bits (SKILLS)

    Hi so i just found out that my client after 255 it stacks to another skill line So as far as i know i need to change with hex editor it to 16bits, does anyone can provide full tutorial what to change?
  7. Stanos

    Best hosting service?

    Hi, so i got recommended ovh hosting servers but it has the most stupidest structure of service ever created in human history so i dont even want to order something from them. Any recommendations? Looking for vps ssd to be hosted in france since i heard its best for europe, 8gb, 2 or 4 cores...
  8. Stanos

    Looking for programmer (C++)

    Hello, so im looking person who knows c++ and lua, the main part will be with c++ its about fixing a one problem that i have What is about? Its about skill formula that im trying to achieve something like this But its not that easy since i have multiplier in vocation.xml, and another skill...
  9. Stanos

    TFS 1.2 Weird monster behavior

    Hello, i dont ask support that often but i guess i have no choice. So i was testing some stuff on localhost which is zero ping and i noticed that monsters have weird delay before they die, so what i mean is when you kill a monster it shows that it has zero health but it takes couple milliseconds...
  10. Stanos

    Is there people that want free otclient design?

    Hello, so couple weeks ago i did otclient design that i used reference from google and edited it for tibia and added some custom shit so im thinking to share it with otland for free but im not sure is it worth or not. So i would like to see how much people want it. Its not done yet since i dont...
  11. Stanos

    Annihilator tile does not exist (Problem)

    Hello, so i have really really weird problem i looked into a code for like one hour and i couldn't find out whats wrong. So print said Annihilator tile does not exist for position 552, 823, 8 which is really odd because tile pos is correct checked with rme, checked with admin look, pos is...
  12. Stanos

    addHealth(-damage) crash console

    Hello, so i found lua script in otland and when i tried to test it i noticed that every time creature:addHealth(-damage) is called it crash my console, then i tried to use fire field <attribute key="field" value="fire"> <attribute key="damage" value="20" />...
  13. Stanos

    Occurred fatal error LNK1104 for no reason?

    Hello so i did some changes in source and i though about rebuilding source, so im including one thing that i didnt changed my lib or removed anything it worked yesterday and and etc i had no problems. So i was installing some stuff in background so it made my pc really laggy so it opened like...
  14. Stanos

    Looking For Web Developer (PAID)

    Hello. REQUIREMENT: PHP, CSS Payment: Paypal Looking for cheap person since i noticed that people from otland like too charge 500eu for simple stuff. So this work will be about text change too image and align that stuff, pretty simple. Second stuff will be Items menu that shows...
  15. Stanos

    [TFS 1.2] Skill balance (tries problem)

    Hello, so im playing on localhost just to balance skills and i have a hard time doing it basically now i can reach 110CLUB FIGHTING in less then 10hours with skill rate x1 which is to fast my goal is to make it reach in about 3days same with every other skills, it skills to fast with rate x1 and...
  16. Stanos

    Skill problem tfs 1.2

    Hello, i have serious problem with player skill so i have like 36vocations vocation id 1 works just fine you can skill and etc same with id 2-3-4-5-6-9-10 they work fine and etc, when i created char with id 29-28-30 and etc i noticed when i reach for example axe fighting 11 it stops skilling you...
  17. Stanos

    Increase effect limit

    Hello, cant find full tutorial in otland how to increase effect limit as far as i know i need to increase unit8 to unit16 or unit32 enum MagicEffectClasses : uint16_t { CONST_ME_NONE, At this point i dont know anything else what should i do next. Using simple extended tibia client 8.60 and...
  18. Stanos

    Looking for web developer to create vocation menu

    Hello, so i tried it myself but i give up, since it requires more then decent php skills to create it. Basically its something like this Its really popular on tibia, more and more people are using it so i though it would be great to have it either. Basically subpage for every profession and...
  19. Stanos

    IP.BOARD 4 Installation Problem

    Hello, i dont expect support with this type of quest but w/e im going to try. USING FORUM: IP.BOARD 4 Problem: You do not have the OpenSSL PHP extension loaded which is required. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for it to be enabled. Operating system...
  20. Stanos

    Making VFX (Paid)

    Hello, since people know me as a graphic designer i would like to try to get extra cash with video editing since gfx is not the only think i know. Using: Sony Vegas Pro Adobe After Effects Can do: Intro of your server, any other edits, pretty much everything if its not harry potter level...