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  1. PuszekLDZ

    Programmer Looking for a help

    Hi. I`m looking for a programmer, to help me set up a VS 2015 / VS 2019 that I could compile my files. I got a problem, because I was able to compile server like nostalrius, but after comp change, now i cant and i dont remmember how i set it up before. With files for 7.4 downgrade I dont have...
  2. PuszekLDZ

    help with MY-ACC after move to new server

    hi there.. after moving to new server (almost all works fine..) i got problem with a "Lost Account" by reg key and by mail.. i get 2 of those error any ideas why`s that appear? @slawkens ?
  3. PuszekLDZ

    Team Looking for a Team to OlderCores

    msg me if You want to join OlderCores team - because of lack of time, i cant hanlde that by my self 24/7 :)
  4. PuszekLDZ

    C++ new one - missing ladders Nostalrius 7.7

    missing ladders etc... on OTC this bug shows... on cip client it wont show up any one got solution?
  5. PuszekLDZ

    NPC from 1.0x to tfs 1.2

    Hello. Im using The SoftCores Version: (1.0.X.S - 4) - Codename: (LORD ZEDD) but now i want to got the The OTX Server Version: (3.9 . DEV) - Codename: ( VANXI ) ive got a problem with npc... thay wont load lua scripts... is there any converter or what to change / where to look to make it...
  6. PuszekLDZ

    [Germany] [8.54] Felancors - Polish OTs

    We want to welcome You to Fleancors OTS - custom 8.54 server From today we will give You opportunity to play and test our server. Final start will be at 21.03.2020 - 16:00 CET Join our discord channel! https://discord.gg/qR7BvJR Server Info...
  7. PuszekLDZ

    problem with OTS_Monster how to get attribute to MySQL?

    Hello everyone :) Another "so simple" question... Im trying to put out from monster xml some new attributes. I need to put out "elements" . I done new columns in mysql for them (firePercent, icePercent..etc.) Now, what I want to get For example : "dragon.xml" he has elements attribute...
  8. PuszekLDZ

    countdown - event / restart ...

    Hi.. i found a event countdown timer: setInterval(function time(){ var d = new Date(); var hours = 24 - d.getHours(); var min = 60 - d.getMinutes(); if((min + '').length == 1){ min = '0' + min; } var sec = 60 - d.getSeconds(); if((sec + '').length == 1){ sec = '0' +...
  9. PuszekLDZ

    globalsave and shutdown server

    I got problem with a globalsave and closing server at XX:XX hour... Im using The OTX Server Version: (3.9 . DEV) - Codename: ( VANXI ) from @MartyX I tried to use some script.. .but it wont work at all.. In config.lua isnt any of that lines to set save and shutdown and in globalactions was...
  10. PuszekLDZ

    Houses to MyACC

    Hello. Im looking for help or offer for working house buy system from site. I use lastest MyACC by @slawkens - maybe he got it i dunno... MSG me :)
  11. PuszekLDZ

    TFS 0.X !online command - need some

    hello again :) I got a !online command to show how many players are online it look like that: function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) if(not checkExhausted(cid, 666, 10)) then return false end local strings, i, position, added, showGamemasters = {""}, 1, 1, false...
  12. PuszekLDZ

    map with rme is not working... 7.72 / 7.6?

    Hi I got 7.72 server based on tfs by @mattyx14 i can edit map (got there real map) - map works with server, but when i try to load it to RME to change some it shows but it loads... with npc and monsters... when i save it.. it cause error in engine, like this I TRY MANY RME and other...
  13. PuszekLDZ

    command "buy" before item name...

    hi on my server, is possible to buy items from npc, but you have to write, ex "buy shovel" im looking where to chenge it (edit) can some one help me with that? where to find it?
  14. PuszekLDZ

    css after moved to dedicated server

    Hi. I moved server to a dedicated one, all htdocs was just copy/paste into dedicated from old one, and o get issue... first was with tables... but it is working now, but stil got a problem with css... on older one, players was like this (red offline / green online) now it is like without...
  15. PuszekLDZ

    [POLAND] [7.72] OlderCores

    New 4fun hard server :) IP: oldercores.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 7.72/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Latest News - OlderCores (http://oldercores.com) Map: Real Map + Rookgard Runes: Normal charges and prices No stages! Exp rate: 2x Mlvl ratwe: 2x...