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  1. itoxblade

    [USA] [7.4] Dura - A Harder Tibia -- Massively Customized -- A New Experience -- Nov-07-20 -- Big Launch Expected. Rubini & Nattank & More Stream

    Free runes seem to suck until you actually have to go out and level up, you spend like 2x the runes you would normally spend on any other 7.4 vanilla. I didnt like the system until I actually tried it myself, monsters are harder and ruthless and you really need to pay attention to details and...
  2. itoxblade

    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online - 4th April 16:00 CEST

    Better login on their discord and read because this log is looking like a shit and impossible to make screenshots because this is 2h of dumb messages. xbelson 6:35 PM: Kay is going to find us in the same situation durring the week - Pastebin.com (https://pastebin.com/YBWEyPYa)
  3. itoxblade

    Ranger's Arcani OTClient showoff

    Nice one! but its not abit wasted on a server with 0 players?
  4. itoxblade

    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online - 4th April 16:00 CEST

    LEGENDAY server and ADMINS! Today they ban 40 PEOPLE and all day we see players coming on discord telling us they are innocent. MY Favorite guy was a guy saying he "did not use any tools to bot" and his "whole easter was ruined" and "his young sister who does not know how to use a PC or how...
  5. itoxblade

    [Store System] Call to developers

    OTClient doesn't even have a store module, can you go ahead and use otservbr instead of filling up TFS with all this garbage
  6. itoxblade

    Spoofing on Gunzodus Servers

    BTW! Found something More funny. Going Into "Whats more faked". I look On guy liking Gunz's posts. @Machump. That Guy Literally Only Has 2 Types of posts. Positive comments inside Gunzodus Threads, and the rest are Posts flaming Other OTSES Mainly RL Maps That are enemies of Gunzodus Servers.
  7. itoxblade

    Spoofing on Gunzodus Servers

    Im Sure U will remove it Hah. Just like U dont have any issues Viewbotting and Luring people that way Also. What more is faked? We have No idea. Probably Lots. Making Some System to Automatically level characters and Having Hundreds of characters goes to show what Lenghts u do to Lure players...
  8. itoxblade

    Spoofing on Gunzodus Servers

    Lol? U are actually puting fake characters. And its weird u put fake charcters today, and Today its also only day ur server had Higher numbers on otservlist. Look your graphs, ur fake characters must be included there. Because it dont make sense for your two servers to be only going down, and...
  9. itoxblade

    [France] [10.00] Ezodus | Starting 24th October 18:00 | Mid Rate Real Map | 12.50+ | Mirrored Nightmare | Soul War Bosses/Items | Always latest update

    HAHAHA. viewbotting on twitch not enough for ur OTS to get players? Really nice spoofs, if u look at guys with 115 lvls u see they all have extreemely similar EXP gains per day. If u look at any other player u see how much its varies per day compared to these fake CHARS
  10. itoxblade

    [Germany/USA] [7.4] RetroCores [8/11 - 18:00 CET]

    https://retrocores-shop.com/?subtopic=home WTF is that XD text and site looks exactly like something marcus would do XD so fake unofficial site that sells characters and items made by marcus
  11. itoxblade

    Lua [TFS 1.3] how to make script select more than one reward

    can u stop filling tfs github with these things? before i could come and check it for useful new things, now it's filled of PRs that are adding very minor stuff to mimic things in real tibia. why are we copying real tibia in the official github repository? didnt mark sayd years ago we shouldnt...
  12. itoxblade


    I got it so rule is only against specific users, can we get any light on what's allowed in the jobs section then? Can we say I will pay $500 for a system and explain how it's going to work? Can people list things they have done in the past, and say they are offering scripting services in...
  13. itoxblade


    Again bro, it has nothing about being partnered with otland or anything. On that discord you can openly buy and sell open tibia things, according to this thread and new updated rules yesterday something that links u to a place u can sell and buy open tibia things is not allowed. There u have...
  14. itoxblade


    What did I write about that discord being related to otland? What quality support members we have here! That discord is used as a marketplace, why can it be advertised and things like kondra's site can't? There's also tons of threads inside jobs section, where people are asking to buy specific...
  15. itoxblade


    https://otland.net/threads/opentibia-discord-server.261894/ delete this, on this discord it's allowed to sell and buy open tibia things
  16. itoxblade


    otland inventing new rules http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:[URL]https://otland.net/threads/the-official-rules-for-otland.256173/ Last edited by a moderator: Jan 7, 2020 XD What a joke this forum has become, are you also going to delete all job posts?
  17. itoxblade

    [France] [8.60] BudexOT Custom OT PvP-E | War & RPG & Fun | Starts 08 December 18:00 CET

    LOL! i just checked theirs otservlist chart! totally legit xD. every couple of hours there's 1 player loging out/loging in, in reality there must be 2-3 players here. imagine spoofing and still having a complete deadass server :D @Alpha u can have the pleasure reporting this guy to otservlist...
  18. itoxblade

    [France] [8.0] Midhem Online | CUSTOM CLIENT

    where have you gotten majority of your sprites? seen in other ots all over the place BTW ! nice vacation cant do updates but can shitpost here! this ots actually has unique sprites not seen anywhere, these dragons are most likely created by himself, and u stole them from somewhere
  19. itoxblade

    Spoofing or not?

    you need check xavato too, theyre the same group of people. its even advertising pangeria on their site lol. and if u look on their otservlist they somehow got 50 players suddenly playing from 0 without any updates or anything just testing spoof for their next version