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  1. Pequeno Rei

    Pequeno Rei - Mapping thread

    Hello guys I will post here some ingame SS of some maps there i made for my personal project (10.98 version). I will try to post at least one pic per week (maybe more, idk) Critics and suggestions are always welcome! 1. Black halls 1.1 Black halls (after Blez advice) 1.2
  2. Pequeno Rei

    need NPC that gives a key with an action ID

    Hello guys, i'm very noob with anything related to scripting, so, idk how to make a npc that gave me a key with an action ID, can any1 help me? (and plz, would help me a lot a detailed answer, i wasnt kidding when i said "very noob") (I use TFS 1.2)
  3. Pequeno Rei

    Lore writer for hire

    Hey, i'm a lore writer looking for a job. I'm 21yo, I study philosophy, and write since i had 14. I got a page on fb with somethings that i wrote (it's on portuguese). I'm brazilian, so, my native language isnt english, that means that my english vocabulary isnt better than my portuguese...
  4. Pequeno Rei

    Mapper for hire

    Hey, I'm a mapper looking for some short jobs, like a hunting place, a city, houses/shops, islands, this sort of thing. I have 5 years of experience. I'm unknown for the community, so, if u want a test map, before the real job, i can do it for free. Anyway, i can work with any tibia version. If...