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  1. CoakFraustt

    Graphic Designer Spriting service. (items/outfits/nature/grounds/repair)

    Hit me up i wanna pay for services i need new custome sprites for my server
  2. CoakFraustt

    New Server Im Working On

    Game: Enigmas Dogma Alpha 9/22/2020 IP: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 9.1/own client: I provide a link for the OT it contains the files already for my custome server simply DL and use the favorites tab and start : Enigmas Dogma Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Canada, on a dedicated server with...
  3. CoakFraustt

    New Server Im Working On

    So i been trying to see if its possible to add the dual wield feature and attack speed becoming a skill like distance fighting. i have tfs 0.3
  4. CoakFraustt

    New Server Im Working On

    Well im finally starting Alpha of Enigmas Dogma. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/etqav7g0otpks Just download Open OT loader and start up the Enigmas Dogma in favorites and come on in
  5. CoakFraustt

    New Server Im Working On

    LoL ive reached out to most the post but noone responded kinda why i made this..
  6. CoakFraustt

    New Server Im Working On

    Enigmas Dogma I was diagnosed with brain tumors 3 years ago and before they told me wat it was they said my headaches came from using my computer. Had to put my coding dreams on hold lol. I finally found out i am tumor free after 6 brain surgeries lmao i cant feel my hands or legs but i know...
  7. CoakFraustt

    [SQL] Message: Subquery returns more than 1 row

    @Nekiro is it possible to get a contact infor : Discor or anything,.i would like to purchase your survices please contact me ASAP. GØD#6053
  8. CoakFraustt

    Znote remove town list and characters create

    Provide a Starting point in your RME on the map edit Towns, Place a name on your town and edit the config lua to what you have set
  9. CoakFraustt

    I need Help Creating a Script for my system.

    thank you lmao i fuck wit how you broke it down i actually reocded it a different way i upgraded to 10.98 gave me more features
  10. CoakFraustt

    I need Help Creating a Script for my system.

    The basics are upon start i want the character to be able to use a talk action to choose the vocation so !knight but in this cas i have elements (Darkness, Light, Lightning, Magma & Jungle) i need the script to allow u to pick 1 of the 5 and from there i have 3 vocations for each element, i want...
  11. CoakFraustt

    [9.1] Rookgaard Tales [Demo Datapack]

    Okay, i love this and its the only one i can manage to work with. i just found out after this 6th brain surgery im finally tumor free. i havent coded in 3 years so im kinda outdated i want to incorperate my 15 custom classes to your version. the oraccle was removed so i was wondering if you...