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  1. Real Vandta

    Lua Talkaction Command Save Items Without Clean

    Hello Guys, i have a question i want a script on talkaction if you did /i items donate on temple and drop it on the tile and make command for save the items on this tile and when the clean do the item didin't clear or moved. Thank you = Im using a tfs 0.4 rev 3777
  2. Real Vandta

    Compiling Looking for compile my tfs

    Hi there, im looking for sources for this version https://prnt.sc/vfnkmp
  3. Real Vandta

    Compiling Compiling tfs 0.4 rev 3777

    Hey i want help help help about compile tfs 0.4 im sorry im from egypt and i dont understanding english soo much if you make video for compile tfs i will understanding fast thank you really im sad without sources server i want to make something in server but they're need sources 1602620753 Bump!
  4. Real Vandta

    AAC Team Support

    Hello How to remove this group on site? look at this screen > Screenshot (https://prnt.sc/uygrbc)
  5. Real Vandta

    Lua Death problem

    Hello, I have problem on my server What it, in my server if player do bless or without bless and death by monster or player he back to level 1 how i can fixing that please someone tell me to fix it TFS 0.4 rev 3777 Thank you
  6. Real Vandta

    Lua Action freepoints

    Hello i want script lua click items give you 200 point in tfs 0.4 rev 3777 Thank you!
  7. Real Vandta

    Lua [Action] problem

    How to make this script people can use it 1 more after using and you will cannot use again how? help me please local storage = 4595 -- point left storage local level = 1 function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) if not(isPlayer(cid)) then return true end if...
  8. Real Vandta

    Lua Npc's help

    It possible to find a script, make npc tutor talking on help channel and help player of information about the server?, test: help me, the npc answer him say , "how i can help you", i need help with know information of server and the npc let him know everything about server? i was join server...
  9. Real Vandta

    AAC Creating account

    Hello Why i cannot create char and i can create anything can someone help me i have print of that https://prnt.sc/urkd4t
  10. Real Vandta

    Lua Talkaction Script

    hello can someone help me with script of talkaction i can make tile have pvp and no-logout and unpvp?
  11. Real Vandta


    Why when i going to mySQL login he did say that Screenshot (https://prnt.sc/uojaws) i have already an account but when i need to login on mySQL database he has error
  12. Real Vandta


    Hello, Can someone let me know how to create account on MySQL and creating a database, i was download a xampp and i activate the MYSQL and Apache and i put my web site on htdocs file and i watch youtube and i learned a create account only and when i type localhost on my google he say that...
  13. Real Vandta

    Lua Talkaction

    Hello everyone can you help me with edit script of talkaction createitem.lua i want to make the /i donation items, the gamemaster + comminuty manager cannot use /i donation items only for GOD and ADMINS can help me with that please 🤗🤔🤔 I using TFS 1.0.6
  14. Real Vandta

    help to delete accounts

    how to delete all account on my server on sqlite not mysql please help!
  15. Real Vandta

    Lua Help me

    i want to create this guild on my server view this >> Screenshot (https://prnt.sc/un3cm0)
  16. Real Vandta

    Lua [Request] about death channel

    Hello i need script lua when player logging in my server the death channel open automatically can someone help me with that script I've searched but i dont founded it help me :/ For tfs 0.4
  17. Real Vandta

    Action FrozenStone Use this items Evolve your items legend to frozen.

    local config = { [2471] = {itemid=2662}, [2466] = {itemid=8866}, [12643] = {itemid=7896}, [9933] = {itemid=11117}, [7410] = {itemid=2453}, [7840] = {itemid=2352}, [7438] = {itemid=8858}, [2443] = {itemid=7770}, [12644] = {itemid=8907}, } function onUse(cid...
  18. Real Vandta


    local config = { [1] = {5}, -- sorcerer [2] = {6}, -- druid [3] = {7}, -- paladin [4] = {8}, -- knight } function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local v = config[getPlayerVocation(cid)] if v then doPlayerSetVocation(cid, v[1]) doCreatureSay(cid...