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  1. CoakFraustt

    New Server Im Working On

    Enigmas Dogma I was diagnosed with brain tumors 3 years ago and before they told me wat it was they said my headaches came from using my computer. Had to put my coding dreams on hold lol. I finally found out i am tumor free after 6 brain surgeries lmao i cant feel my hands or legs but i know...
  2. CoakFraustt

    I need Help Creating a Script for my system.

    The basics are upon start i want the character to be able to use a talk action to choose the vocation so !knight but in this cas i have elements (Darkness, Light, Lightning, Magma & Jungle) i need the script to allow u to pick 1 of the 5 and from there i have 3 vocations for each element, i want...