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  1. Stanos

    Temporary graphic designer for your service [OPEN]

  2. Stanos

    Lua [TFS 1.2] Task Party.

    So overall you talking about "ASSIST" feature
  3. Stanos

    BudexOT Maps

    You can add sprites thats why object builder and item editor was made to add custom sprites or edit them. You can export any sprite from w/e client to yours and here you go, you have more sprites.
  4. Stanos

    Temporary graphic designer for your service [OPEN]

    Available Again
  5. Stanos

    RevScripts Talkaction Double/Triple Exp or Skill or Loot

  6. Stanos

    Graphic Designer Spriter

    I think your reputation is already ruined :D no offense tho what i saw so far.
  7. Stanos


    First i though there is flies around my screen but realized it was just an looping bats flying around
  8. Stanos


    Its Itachi spell not shisui
  9. Stanos

    Temporary graphic designer for your service [OPEN]

  10. Stanos

    Temporary graphic designer for your service [OPEN]

    Open again
  11. Stanos

    getCombatValue caused global crash

    Had same issue like this dude it was with addEvent. But cant remember because it wasnt me that fixed it.
  12. Stanos

    Graphic Designer Graphic design (UNIQUE WEB-SHOP GRAPHICS)

    In that button i would avoid doing thin lines and would pick more appealing colors and avoid such a bright colors and pick text that is easy to read for your eye, for example what i would change.
  13. Stanos

    Lua attempt to call method 'splitTrimmed' (a nil value)

    Change local t = param:splitTrimmed(",") to local t = param:split(",")
  14. Stanos

    [GERMANY][8.6][Dragon Ball Universe] - PVP-E

    Will be launching today.
  15. Stanos

    How this works?

    In any situation its antirollback when your server crashes it just saves everything so there is like 1% chance people will be able to clone something if there is no exploit how to crash your server, if it crashes randomly when no one expect, you shouldnt be worrying about cloning items because...
  16. Stanos

    [GERMANY][8.6][Dragon Ball Universe] - PVP-E

    Server Details Website: http://dbuniverse.net Discord: Join the DRAGON BALL UNIVERSE Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/DMK6TVr) Exp Rate: 1-49Lvl = 90 50-149Lvl= 80 150-299Lvl= 70 300-399Lvl= 40 400-599Lvl= 30 600Lvl= 8 Free 3 Days premium Free Travel Free Reborn Introduction Hello. So i...
  17. Stanos

    Center sprite

    you can achieve it only in otclient
  18. Stanos

    Change Script to run hourly

    Globalevent have function what you looking for, just adapt your talkaction <globalevent name="Questions" interval="7200000" script="yourcode.lua" /> <!-- 7200000 is 2 hours -->
  19. Stanos

    Looking for skilled programmer (TFS 1.2) storage bug

    What you mean show, there is so much script to show. I would rather show scripts on discord. Thats why i posted in job section not in support.