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  1. Hashirama479

    AAC Set pictures are different at Website

    Hey guys I have a problem... Im using custom sprites in my ot and the thing is since it is custom sprite it shows a other item at SITE here a explain: How can I change it to my custom sprites ? Im using gesior 2012
  2. Hashirama479

    Monster deals % and gets % dmg

    Hello i would like to request a monster script here a explain how it should work like The monster should always deal 1% on the player, does not matter which lvl he is and the monster should alwsays lose just 1% of his HP doesnt matter which lvl the player is thats all, thanks...
  3. Hashirama479

    Movements XML bug help

    Can someone help me to fix this errror? Im somehow to stupid to fix it....
  4. Hashirama479

    REQUEST ( Reborn Stages )

    Heyo guys I need reborn stages ^^ It should work as the normal exp stages from reb 0 to 10 like 10x exp then from 10 to 20 like 8x and ye xD thats all :p thanks Edit: Here a easier explain how it should look like From reborn 0 to 10 ( expRate 10x ) From reborn 10 to 20 ( expRate 8x ) From...
  5. Hashirama479

    Break MonsterEXP Limit of ( 2.1b )

    Hello guys how can I break the exp limit of 2.1b from monsters? I know source edits but what I have to edit thats the question xDD im using TFS 0.4 thanks
  6. Hashirama479

    Rebirthlook instead of level look

    Can someone help me to edit that part so it shows rebirth instead of levels? TFS 0.4 ^^ thanks
  7. Hashirama479

    Custom Sprite gives Debug

    I have a problem, I did add some custom sprite to my OT BUT for some reasons I do get debuged.. I did all steps what I have to do I edited the items .otb added them to Items folder and in RME folder aswell too then when I login I just get debuged I added the spr and dat aswell too Here...
  8. Hashirama479

    ItemEditor for 986?

    Does there exists any itemeditor for 986? I cant find any 986 itemeditor..... would be cool if you guys link me one XD thanks
  9. Hashirama479

    (0.4) Give Player Mount Talkaction

    Hey guys I would like to request a script: Give player mount script as explain ( /mount Playername,ID ) thats all xD my tfs version is 0.4
  10. Hashirama479

    Spell animation slow?

    I would like to know how to make the spell animation fast here a explain what I mean ( i took a spell efffect from 10x server at 10x the effect is damn fast but when I put it on a 860 server its slow as fuck.... how comes? bump
  11. Hashirama479

    Manarune heal friend

    Can someone make the script work so I can heal my friends with that manarune? Its a Action Script and im using tfs 0.4 xD thanks local exhaust = createConditionObject(CONDITION_EXHAUST) setConditionParam(exhaust, CONDITION_PARAM_TICKS, 750) -- time in seconds x1000 function onUse(cid, item...
  12. Hashirama479

    Using one of REMOVE..

    How can I remove this ? "Using one of or using the last manarune" TFS 0.4
  13. Hashirama479

    Cant go above 65535 Sprites...Help

    So I have a problem otland, if I try to add more sprites to my object builder its not possible it says you have reached the maximum or something like that xD how can I break that limit? I cant find anything about it on otland :p
  14. Hashirama479

    Compiling problem! Help

    Can some one help me fix this error please ? Sources which I use: trunk.r4186.tar.gz
  15. Hashirama479

    unsupported client version in ObjectBuilder

    I have a problem with my object builder, the objkect builder does support the 8.54 version but when I try to open the 8.54 files it says "unsupported client version", how comes? xD
  16. Hashirama479

    make Spell animation faster?

    Is there any way to make the spell animation faster ? 860 / tfs 0.4 ^^
  17. Hashirama479

    Custom Distance effect problem

    ---------- TFS 0.4 !!! --------------- Yoyo otland I have a problem... I did add a custom distance effect to my object builder then i did regirst it on Tools.cpp and const.h and in lib aswell too but for some reasons it does not work... Can someone help me please? What you mean it does not...
  18. Hashirama479

    New outfit sprites, where to regirst?

    As the title says I wanted to ask if I add custom outfits to my server where do I must regirst them so they working ingame? I dont want to replace the outfit with a old outfit ^^
  19. Hashirama479

    Add custom spell sprite to ur ot problem -_-

    I have a problem with adding a custom spell sprite to my server also I added it to object builder and compiled then I did regirst the custom spell at source "const.h" and then I compiled then after all was done I tried to cast the spell but it didnt work it says there just from 0-69 effects etc...
  20. Hashirama479

    Items.otb Editor kinda buged, idk why... Help

    So I got a problem with my items.otb editor im using item.otb 0.3.9 also when I use a item.otb for tfs 0.4 its working perfect without any problem but once I add any custom sprite to it and trying to turn on the ot it says Im using the wrong items.otb version... Could someone help me out please?