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  1. primate

    AAC Znote - Uptime information

    How can I put uptime information on my Znote ACC website?
  2. primate

    C++ Remove OTSYS_TIME in code

    How can I make these lines not use "OTSYS_TIME()", For the following code and be able to use "potions[] = {26031, 26030};" and runes at the same time. int32_t potions[] = {26031, 26030}; int16_t potionID = item->getID(); if(std::find(std::begin(potions), std::end(potions), potionID)...
  3. primate

    TFS 1.X+ Use runes and actions at the same time

    How can I use potions and attack runes at the same time? Example: Use mana potion and Sudden Death at the same time Thanks for your time.
  4. primate

    TFS 1.X+ State of utamo vita always

    Any ideas how I can implement utamo vita status always without using spells or items in druid, sorcerer, paladin? Thanks for your time.
  5. primate

    TFS 1.X+ Add a log to an action

    How can I add a log in a SQL table when executing any scripts in actions. Additional Information: ID NAME PLAYER Date and Time Thanks for your time.
  6. primate

    C++ Crash Party OpenTibia 0.5.0

    They showed me a bug that they do with 2 characters in party, Those 2 characters start to logout does this cause my server to crash. "Someone so kind and can help me?" Example: #ifdef __PARTYSYSTEM__ void Protocol81::parseInviteParty(NetworkMessage &msg) { unsigned long creatureid =...
  7. primate

    C++ OpenTibia 0.5.0 or TFS 1.x

    Where in the sources can I find the part where the monsters don't target the target through the walls. Example: Thanks for your time.
  8. primate

    Everyone has my IP assigned to them

    I have open the ports, But I can not see the ip address of other players, It is necessary to assign the ip address public to display the ip address of other players, Or just with having the ports open is enough to be able to visualize the ip address of other players? Additional Information...
  9. primate

    Compiling [TFS 1.x] Rapid Attack Speed Corrupted

    I wish the attack will not stop when I'm moving. Example; https://gfycat.com/RashClearcutGannet Thank you very much for your valuable time!
  10. primate

    Compiling TFS 1.x Add shield to black skull

    How could to add the shield when you get black skull by means of sources editing. Example: Thanks for your time.
  11. primate

    TFS 1.2 All players have same global ip of server!

    All players who enter It server has my same IP! Does anyone know why this happens? Additional Information: I use debian 8 and TFS 1.x Example: I give ban ip player, All people what enter server is banned Thanks for your time.
  12. primate

    Solved ninjalulz/forgottenserver 800

    Close and found the solution.
  13. primate

    Compiling Remove the double damage to monsters! TFS 1.X

    The problem arises, when i attack a monster I remove more that in PvP mode. Example.
  14. primate

    More hitpoints 7.6, in TFS 1.2!

    This is possible to do TFS 1.2, Tibia client 1090? 7.6 10.90
  15. primate

    Solved Fast attack, TFS 1.2!

    Close and found the solution.
  16. primate

    Windows low mana spell

    I use TFS 0.2.7 i need a spell that will remove all mana, but always remove varying amounts. sorry for my bad English