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  1. Viktor

    A new era of 7.4

    Hello mates! I've been here lurkin around since 08', been playin the Mighty servers of our savior and hero @Toor and his co-pilot @Iryont, and I've Always come to question, what did they do to become this successfull with their servers, I mean RealOTS runnin from 07-12 and Medivia still runnin...
  2. Viktor

    Programmer LOOKING FOR

    HELLO MY FRIENDS ON OTLANDO!! I got a nice project which is already well mapped and well "scripted", unfourtunaley I got a huge issue, the engine crashes everytime our server reaches over 150~ players, I would need help with this aswell as I would give you good money for this.. Thanks Vitkor
  3. Viktor

    Team LF A helper/co-worker.

    Hi all, I've got a few files I would like to have up and running, I would gladly pay if someone could guide me through how to set up my server and vice versa, we can speak through discord I'll pay you hourly of your help and a price we can both set together. Sincerely, Viktor